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Xzylo Xzooka

Yes, Xzylo's are a real object
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A Xzylo is a little plastic toy, a ring, that can be thrown amazingly far. The link gives you some info.

My first glance at this object gave me the impression of danger, because of the little things protruding from one side. Only it turns out that those help it fly.

My proposition is to make a Xzylo Launcher. The Xzylo ammunition is made of a lightweight metal, probably aluminum, and are about half the diameter of the Xzylo toys. The projectile gun spins the loaded mini-metal-Xzylo up to a huge rpm at the instant you pull the trigger, and is fired scant fractions of a second later. The mini-metal-Xzylo will create lift because of it's spin, and stay aloft longer than a conventional bullet.

Make the leading edge razor sharp for extra lethality, or make the thing out of something soft, for knock-out Xzylos

DesertFox, Jan 25 2006

Xzylo http://www.xzylo.com/#mid
A toy, click on "Science" to see how it works [DesertFox, Jan 25 2006]

Inspiration Safe_20fan
[DesertFox, Jan 25 2006]

Ring Airfoil Rounds http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/nld4/flat.pdf
The gun doesn't spin, but it's the same principle. [notmarkflynn, Jan 25 2006]


       I came here, for some reason, expecting something to do with the Ya-Kuza.
normzone, Jan 25 2006

       Having seen the video I suspect that this would be quite impressive. You may have to add mass to the X-zylo itself in order for it to maintain momentum.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       I came here, for some reason, expecting something to do with a large percussion instrument.
coprocephalous, Jan 25 2006

       I thought this would be an idea for a wooden rocket launcher.
oneoffdave, Jan 25 2006

       Well, look at the lightweigth toy Xzylo's. I was thinking that metal may be too heavy. Hence aluminum. Heavier metals may be used if needed.
DesertFox, Jan 25 2006

       (+) I am curious as to your inspiration. Was it the toy itself or the undeniable need to find an X idea?   

       How are you planning on propelling it as it will not propell itself?
miasere, Jan 25 2006

       Rollers make it rotate. Toriodal rollers and/or conventional gunpowder and/or compressed air for forward movement.   

       I'd go with toroidal rollers made of an expandable/compressible foam-type material. You can rotate them in such a way that the inside edge becomes the outside edge, without damage. Or just regular rollers. Compressed air, too.   

       [2frys] Both. Saw the X, I couldnt resist.
DesertFox, Jan 25 2006

       Semi-baked. In the Splinter Cell video game series, the main character uses non-lethal airfoil rounds to incapacitate enemies, which are based on the items found in the link to the side. I don't think there are any in standard use, so don't feel bad.
notmarkflynn, Jan 25 2006

       Those "Ring aerofoil" rounds look like gel packs commonly used for incapacitation/riots. Doesn't break bones, just bruises, like water cannons. They dont use the ring shape for lift (which is the main point here), they use the ring-shape for stabilization of direction. Total different use of toroidal shape.   

       A little research does wonders. Semi-baked? Nah. Just because a projectile has the same shape, doesnt mean it is the same thing.
DesertFox, Jan 25 2006

       X idea? This would make a fine triffid gun. You would want the xzylos made of sharpened sheet metal.
bungston, Jan 25 2006

       *Rollers make it rotate. Toriodal rollers and/or conventional gunpowder and/or compressed air for forward movement.* One word: electromagnetic. Use a non-magnetic (I'm thinking polycarbonate for strength, etc) Xzylo, mount magnets around the rim, and line the inside of your barrel with coils. Add some timing gear (analogue/digital/whatever), and go! Coils provide both rotation and launch, all variable. Alternatively, turn the concept inside out: Xzylo around the outside of the solid 'barrel', again with the coils etc. Muzzle loading only, but would look very cool.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 26 2006


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