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'well thumbed' word processor document

Extend the dog-eared document/book to the word-processor/Acrobat Reader
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A frequently used dictionary or reference book has a dog-eared, well-thumbed appearance and falls open naturally on often-used pages.
I'd like this to happen to word-processor documents too - the scroll-bar should 'stick' slightly at parts of the document you frequently visit.
hippo, Oct 19 2000


       Acrobat is a bad idea poorly executed anyway...Why make it even MORE annoying?
StarChaser, Oct 19 2000

       Like bookmarks, yes - but automated.
hippo, Oct 20 2000

       And the most used pages should be easily identifiable by the virtual coffee stains
goff, Oct 20 2000

       Well, dude, peter. I think you could turn it off. This would be great for etexts. (I often read long texts like plays online and wish they would do this . . .)
futurebird, Feb 17 2001

       Ya didn't trademark the thumb...
thumbwax, Feb 17 2001

       ...and how would you convert the concept of sticky pages in a well-used xxx mag to an xxx website?
anselda, May 03 2001

       They already do that, when you try to close/let go, they stick to your fingers/reopen your browser.
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       I am happy to re-bun this idea (following the crash of 1994). A positive effect of this idea is that, when passing through 100 occurrences of the same search word in a document to find the one you want, you could use the grease stains/yellowing of the page around the commonly looked-up entry to more quickly tell whether you are at the right one.
phundug, Jan 05 2007

       I'd like it, sometimes. But, sometimes, I'd definatley want to shut it off. It should be a toggle switch in the word processing application, or I would always have it disabled. [+]
flynn, Jan 06 2007


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