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video cud format

with youtube I sometimes reconvert videos numerous times The videocud format actually appends the source file to the converted file so the resolution can be reconstructed
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flv to mp4 to wmv to flv happens if I grab video from youtube then modify plus republish

Id like to create a video "cud" of the source flv that can be recollated with the flv product absent the reconversions to preserve the source resolution

Note this is different than just making sume humongous 70 MB file as the video cud is reapplied at the completed version

Thus even though my powerpoint photos may go from wmv to flv the flv they are layered on is from original quality source

Its just a video converter standard opportunity possibly even a quirk like gif animation that turns out to be nifty

There are many youtube videos where its possible to note that the file was multiply reprocessed Video cud could give higher quality

beanangel, Jul 14 2010


       For a while I thought this was written in Clingon.
xenzag, Jul 14 2010

       [ ] where is the "cud"? on the YouTube site? or on your system.   

       If the former, good'ish idea depending on how well organized both YouTube and you are (ie: you can preview with a low resolution file then, if you want, download a cud file to bring it to a higher resolution).   

       If the latter then you'll find that the converted file plus its cud file is going to be bigger than the original... pretty well by definition.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2010

       I'm not sure you understand how video formats work exactly. They aren't just wrappers for raw data, they're a reprocessed form of the data that takes advantage of various proprietary compression algorithms to reduce the final file size.
victory, Jul 15 2010

       Don't cows chew on the cud?
xenzag, Jul 15 2010

       So this is basically a binary diff (delta encoding) between uncompressed video and the final compressed video? The result would be several hundred megabytes in size, even with lossless compression, only negligibly smaller than the uncompressed video, and add a lot of time to the encoding and uploading process.   

       Or is this an idea for detecting editing/special effects a la error level analysis with suspected photoshopped images?
Spacecoyote, Jul 15 2010


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