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"Typo" key

Correct tpos faster| --> t|pos --> typos --> faster|
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There should be a "Typo" key which makes the computer search for the typo on the line (usually obvious), and immediately moves your cursor to it. After correcting it, hit "Typo" again and the cursor jumps back to where you just were.
phundug, Nov 28 2005

"Eager" http://www.acypher....apters/09Eager.html
Very cool 1990 experiment at Apple Computer for automating repetitive tasks by noticing patterns of user actions. [land, Nov 30 2005]


       (I suggest Ctrl-Backspace as a temporary key combo until "Typo" becomes standard on all keyboards. "Typo" can be given different functions by each application, as proofreading a C++ program is different from proofreading a Word document.)
phundug, Nov 28 2005

       In MS Word, Ctrl-cursor moves through a sentenceby words. So error in second word would be Home Ctrl-Right.
Jinbish, Nov 28 2005

       If the typo is that obvious, it should just be autocorrected. Oh wait, we have this already.
Texticle, Nov 28 2005

       Currently you're required to hop from the keyboard to the mouse to correct a mistake. I assume the major advantage of this is being able to stay on the keyboard.
Worldgineer, Nov 28 2005

       Sorry, [phundug], but I voted against because there are plenty of keys on my keyboard already.   

       I generally notice my typos before I even finish the word, but then again, I've been typing for about 35 years...   

       What would be much better would be a process that would watch me type and notice the typos that I make and fix most often and offer to fix 'em for me on the fly.   

       This would be a specific-task version of something that Apple Computer tested in the very early '90s called "Eager", which would watch for and notice patterns of actions and offer to automate them for you. I'm sorry it never went anywhere. See link above to a paper on it.
land, Nov 30 2005

       I see potential in this man....bun
shinobi, Dec 01 2005

       It's the manualness of this that I like the most. I dislike autoformat and spelling suggestions and other computer things that try to predict what I'll do; I always end up having to "psych them out" and it takes more energy that way.   

       But this idea simply tests each word, going backwards, until it gets to one that's misspelled. Then it puts the cursor there and you correct it yourself.
phundug, Dec 01 2005

       What I'd LOVE is if the [typo] key looked in your sentence and corrected word sequences that are CORRECT spelling but probably wrong.   

       That is, how often do you type "tot he"? I obviously meant "to the". I know I could add this to my spellcheck, but there are too many combinations (including ones that MIGHT be OK and just need a [typo] key for the occasional fix.
not_only_but_also, Dec 02 2005

       When I told this idea to my to the laughed and laughed.
phundug, Jul 14 2007


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