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building ultra cheap with air filled chip bags

making ships, houses, sails, floating islands from long strings of chip bags
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thinking about the use of polyethylene or or polypropylene potato chip bags, filled with air, and not cut/separated. making very long strands of them, and twisting together with others. making meshes/cords and finding viable designs from there. idea is more geared towards slow moving island than anything else, unless someone can imagine a design that wouldn't have an immense amount of drag. someone was quoting the bags at ($0.009 / sqft, 400$/acre), which quickly outweighs the material's lack of strength. any thoughts? :) sounds to me like it would be cheaper to print the string of bags on location, than it would be to get 'free' materials from a dump; gas/hours of work.
corundumassplate, Feb 15 2012

<where i got the idea http://wiki.seastea...oep/Disposable_land
[corundumassplate, Feb 15 2012]


       Brilliant idea, if you want an island that lets out air every time it meets a sea urchin!
gisho, Feb 15 2012

       [+]... if that's the cost figure, though your "per acre" means you won't be floating more than the equivalent of 3/4" of air.   

       Sounds slightly better than ping pong balls.
FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2012


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