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Whale Milk Ice Cream

A tasty marine treat
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Ice cream made from the milk of whales might be quite tasty (I believe whale milk is very rich and fatty, so it would be of the 'premium' variety). And I imagine a whale produces quite a bit more milk than your average cow, so you could get plenty of it.

Milking whales would also serve as a fun and profitable challenge to 'extreme scuba divers' who are bored with just swimming around and looking at coral.

Jeremi, Mar 08 2002

Or, this http://www.halfbake...om/idea/HumanButter
[mrthingy, Mar 11 2002]

A place http://chefmoz.org/...Deli1065191713.html
[DesertFox, Feb 28 2006]

Whale Ice Cream http://mdn.mainichi...ph/040701ice/3.html
By the Japanese! [DesertFox, Feb 28 2006]

Look for: "Nam June Paik's classic 'Creep into the vagina of a living whale.' " http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Downtown_music
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       Endangered Species? Safe Distance? Environmentalists ramapage?
rbl, Mar 08 2002

       where are whales udders??? poor little baby whales, having their milk nicked from under them. Its Margaret Thatcher all over again.
po, Mar 08 2002

       Yeah. Might be tough getting them to stand still so the milk goes in the bucket.
phoenix, Mar 08 2002

       What a fantastic idea. I love whales and whale paraphernalia. Super!
Voltron, Mar 08 2002

       [admin] recategorised to Food: Ice Cream   

       Thanks to mrthingy for spotting it.
st3f, Mar 11 2002

       Croissant just for the extreme scuba divers.
Tabbyclaw, Feb 28 2006

       Whale milking is described in "The Deep Range" (1957), Arthur C Clarke.
"What flavour is it?"
coprocephalous, Feb 28 2006

       'Ee took me leg for half a pint o' milk that damn vanilla whale.
wagster, Feb 28 2006

       Killer whales sometimes separate a baby whale from its mother and eat it. You could wait until this happens and then milk the mother for just long enough to prevent her getting a painful buildup of milk.
spidermother, Feb 28 2006

       I'm torn on this one. On one hand, it sounds a bit cruel. On the other, it would remove the same treatment from quite a few cows for every whale needed and I assume the whales will at least be free-range. Regarding the endagered species bit, this would make preservation directly profitable and should help grow populations. [+] for the creative thought.
Worldgineer, Feb 28 2006

       I presume the fishbones against this were actually a marine-based compliment. (+).
neilp, Feb 28 2006

       We could cross this idea with the clothes dryer ice cream system.   

       Krill flavored, indeed. Might want to do a prototype batch of shrimp ice cream.
normzone, Feb 28 2006

       on that note, I'm just gonna go an mix up a BaconShake™ for breakfast
neilp, Feb 28 2006

       Um, I think that's whale ice cream, rather than whale milk ice cream...ew either way.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2006

       I want me some whale cheese... Can we make some of that too?
Pac-man, Feb 28 2006

       No, I think you'd get enough that you could package it in larger containers than that.
normzone, Mar 03 2006

       How is everyone so sure this would not taste good? I'm sure the first time a person started sucking on a cow everyone thought him disgusting.
Worldgineer, Mar 03 2006

       Why bother with milking a whale when it would be simpler to milk an elephant?
Jscotty, Mar 03 2006

       Ooh, look. Mouse milk is on sale. I love the cheese flavor.
Worldgineer, Mar 03 2006


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