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Student, inventor, etc.

Member (and currently volunteering as a director) of Protospace, Calgary's most existent makerspace.

Elsewhere online I'm mostly known as [PointyOintment]. I briefly considered requesting a change to that here, but then I could get mixed up with [po].


List of favorite ideas posted by others, started 2017-04-13:

Joint Parade Logical Operator Convention [hippo] http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Joint_20Parade_20Logical_20Operator_20Convention mainly for the interesting discussion (added 2017-04-13)

[Mar 30 2009, last modified Dec 18 2017]

(+8, -3) Adaptive airplane seating and airfare
 Add sparklines to news stories
(+4) AED Launcher
(+3) Airbag missile
 American presidential race-inspired legislative system
 Are Canadians unconsciously biased against people named Harris?
 artificial floating safe Nevaeh
(+6) Automatic door with small sections that open separately & only as far as needed
 Autonomous self-driving bicycle
(+2) Belly slam airplane
 Better breaks for nonsmokers
(+3) Blamjet
(+4) Bug fix commitment
(+6, -1) Burqa-like garment for job interviews
(+2) Butt anti-plug
 Cloud-based mosquito killer application
(+1) Cryptocurrency-based enforcement of fair work sharing
 Database of all programming languages
(+2) Door knocker early warning
(+3) Error messages as letters on paper on screen by robot arm
(+2) Föhn wind photo naming shibboleth
(+2) Fountain elevator
(+3) Gas giant dipper
(-1) Gesture for "I wonder what that sound is but it isn't bothering me"
(+3) Give Wild Elephants Smartphones
(-2) Grey aliens are time-traveling genetically modified humans
 Halfbakery Galaxy Nexus Android Ice Cream Sandwich Guinea Pig Game
(+4) Hammerknife
(+3) Head-mounted book scanner
(+2) Immortal fluorescent lamp
 Inkjet–laser hybrid printer
(+1) Inventionizer (a website)
(+1) Jet Plunger
 Large diaphragm plunger
(+5) Loudspeaker plunger
(+1) Model aircraft airbags
(+7) More efficient pot/pan bottom for gas stoves
(+2) Move Christmas to every day
(+2) Multilingual Telephone
(+2, -1) New way of pronouncing 'Uranus'
(+7, -4) Officially don't recognize the existence of terrorism
(-4) Pay politicians proportionally to their approval ratings
 Phone vibrates during password entry
(+7) Plunger drowner
(+6) Printed/patterned seatbelts
(+4) Pro-GMO food labeling
 Product: Spying Device (and/or other espionage categories)
(+1) Resilient Wi-Fi Mesh Network
(+6) Secretly scanning shredder
(+3) Semi-Airborne Airport
 Shoes with built-in activated carbon
(+3) Smartphone-facilitated human compass study
(+1) smokescreen
(+4) Social syuzhet study
(+1) Sonar toilet clog analysis
(+2) Special credit cards for pentesters
(+1) Sportures
(+1) Switl external airbag
(+1) Tealight fire tornado candleholder
(+3) Temperature regulated faucet device
(+1) Tetherbullet
(+5) Thermite rocket plunger
 Vacuum-cleanable case fan with generation-activated brake
(+3) Wave Escalator
(+6) Whole-ship life raft
(+5) Wind turbine tower housing
(+1) Yonic spacecraft

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