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Direct and indirect subcategories of "fashion":
[general]    Advice    Animal 
Badge    Bag    Bag: Handbag 
Belt    Body    Body Modification 
Body Modification: Face    Body: Piercing    Bra 
Bra: Adjustable    Bra: Material    Bra: Storage 
Coat    Codpiece    Color 
Contact Lens    Cosmetics    Cosmetics: Lipstick 
Decoration    Display    Fastener 
Fastener: Button    Fastener: Hook and Loop    Fastener: Zipper 
Fingernail    Glove    Glove: Finger 
Glove: Hold    Hair    Hair: Accessory 
Hair: Comb    Hair: Dye    Hair: Facial 
Hair: Position    Hair: Product    Hat 
Hat: Animal    Hat: Audio    Hat: Communication 
Hat: Electricity    Hat: Flight    Hat: Food 
Hat: Level    Hat: Light    Hat: Mirror 
Hat: Plant    Hat: Protection    Hat: Shade 
Hat: Shape    Hat: Storage    Hat: Temperature 
Hat: Time    Hat: Vision    Hat: Weapon 
Hat: Weather    Hi-tech    Hosiery 
Hosiery: Socks    Hosiery: Socks: Comfort    Hosiery: Socks: Sorting 
Hosiery: Socks: Theory    Hosiery: Socks: Toes    Jewelry 
Jewelry: Ear    Jewelry: Ring    Kilt 
Mask    Material    Material: Fur 
Material: Leather    Material: Natural    Material: Sticky 
Material: Transparent    Mood Indicator    Musical 
Pajamas    Pants    Pants: Closing 
Pants: Material    Pants: Pattern    Pants: Shape 
Pants: Storage    Pattern    Perfume 
Pocket    Protection    Protection: Bulletproof 
Protection: Environmental    Protection: Touch    Sandals 
Shirt    Shoe Ties    Shoes 
Shoes: Audio    Shoes: Buying    Shoes: Comfort 
Shoes: Heels    Shoes: Hi-tech    Shoes: Hi-Tech: Sole 
Shoes: Light    Shoes: Odd Sizes    Shoes: Sole 
Shoes: Sole: Print    Shoes: Sole: Traction    Shoes: Sport 
Shoes: Style    Shoes: Water    Size 
Skirt    Sleeve    Strap 
Suit    Swimwear    T-shirt 
T-Shirt: Picture    T-Shirt: Text    Tan 
Tattoo    Tattoo: Changing    Tattoo: Pigment 
Tattoo: Prediction    Tattoo: Subject    Tattoo: Temporary 
Temperature    Temperature: Cooling    Temperature: Heating 
Text    Tie    Tie: Change 
Tie: Color    Tie: Function    Tie: Knot 
Tie: Storage    Tooth    Trend 
Underwear    Underwear: Comfort    Underwear: Hi-tech 
Underwear: Hygiene    Underwear: Pantyhose    Underwear: Store Chain 
Underwear: Temperature    Underwear: Thong    Wig 


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