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Subcategories of "sport".
[general]    Air    Air: Gliding 
Air: Parasailing    Air: Skydiving    American Football 
Archery    Athletic    Ball 
Ball Game    Baseball    Basketball 
Billiards    Billiards: Large    Billiards: Levitation 
Billiards: Table    Boarding    Bouncing 
Bowling    Bowling: Ball    Camera 
Climbing    Commentary    Cricket 
Croquet    Disabled    Eating Contest 
Equipment    Exercise    Exercise: Clothing 
Exercise: Equipment    Exercise: Equipment: Cycle    Exercise: Equipment: Resistance 
Exercise: Equipment: Treadmill    Exercise: Equipment: Treadmill: Entertainment    Exercise: Equipment: Treadmill: Location 
Exercise: Equipment: Treadmill: Material    Exercise: Equipment: Treadmill: Multi-User    Exercise: Incentive 
Exercise: Program    Fighting    Fighting: Boxing 
Fighting: Bullfighting    Fighting: Fencing    Fighting: Gladiator 
Fighting: Jousting    Fighting: Martial Arts    Fighting: Wrestling 
Fishing    Golf    Golf: Ball 
Golf: Combination    Golf: Course    Golf: Driving Range 
Golf: Equipment    Hockey    Hunting 
Jumping    Just Add ...    Mass Participation 
Miniature Golf    Motorsport    Olympics 
Olympics: Theme    Paintball    Paintball: Ammunition 
Paintball: Setting    Paintball: Vehicle    Paintball: Weapon 
Playing Surface    Polo    Projectile 
Racing    Racing: Animal    Racing: Land Rowing 
Skating    Sliding    Soccer 
Soccer Ground    Soccer: International    Soccer: Rules 
Spectator    Team    Tennis 
Throwing    Tug of War    Urban 
Water    Water: Jet Ski    Water: Surfing 
Water: Swimming    Water: Underwater    Winter 
Winter: Skiing    Zorb       


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