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Direct and indirect subcategories of "home":
[general]    Appliance    Architecture 
Barbecue    Bathroom    Bathroom: Cleaning 
Bathroom: Dryer    Bathroom: Towel    Bathtub 
Bathtub: Bubbles    Bathtub: Draining    Bathtub: Heating 
Bathtub: Hygiene    Bed    Bed: Add-on 
Bed: Covering    Bed: Eating and Drinking    Bed: Floating 
Bed: Mattress    Bed: Motion    Bed: Shape 
Bed: Temperature    Chair    Chair: Motion 
Chair: Portable    Chair: Support    Child 
Child: Control    Child: Diaper    Child: Furniture 
Child: Safety    Child: Transport    Cleaning 
Cleaning: Carpet    Cleaning: Dust    Cleaning: Film 
Cleaning: Graffiti    Cleaning: Shoes    Coat Rack 
Decoration    Dishes    Dishwasher 
Door    Door: Access Control    Door: Bell 
Door: Handle    Door: Knocker    Electricity 
Electricity: Power Outlet    Fireplace    Floor 
Floor: Carpet    Furniture    Furniture: Beanbag 
Furniture: Change    Furniture Theme    Garage 
Garden    Garden: Bonsai    Garden: Composting 
Garden: Heating    Garden: Lawn    Garden: Light 
Garden: Mobile    Garden: Ornament    Garden: Ornament: Gnome 
Garden: Planting    Garden: Rock Garden    Garden: Style 
Garden: Tending    Garden: Tool    Garden: Topiary 
Garden: Water    Garden: Weed    Garden: Wildlife 
Humidity    Improvement    Insulation 
Kitchen    Kitchen: Appliance    Kitchen: Garbage Disposal 
Kitchen: Hygiene    Kitchen: Sink    Kitchen: Storage 
Kitchen: Stove    Laundry    Laundry: Clothesline 
Laundry: Dryer    Laundry: Ironing    Laundry: Lint 
Laundry: Washing    Lawnmower    Lawnmower: Autonomous 
Lawnmower: Control    Lawnmower: Laser    Lawnmower: Power 
Lawnmower: Vehicle    Mailbox    Mattress 
Moat    Moving    Pest Control 
Pest Control: Detection    Pest Control: Explosive    Pest Control: Lure 
Pest Control: Moths    Pest Control: Removal    Pest Control: Repellent 
Pest Control: Trap    Pest Control: Zapper    Pet 
Pet: Artificial    Pet: Attachment    Pet: Bird 
Pet: Bird: Bird Feeder    Pet: Cat    Pet: Cat: Entertainment 
Pet: Cat: Food    Pet: Cat: Hygiene    Pet: Cat: Waste 
Pet: Collar    Pet: Control    Pet: Dog 
Pet: Dog: Car    Pet: Dog: Communication    Pet: Dog: Food 
Pet: Dog: Waste    Pet: Door    Pet: Fish 
Pet: Fish: Aquarium    Pet: Hamster    Pet: Hamster: Ball 
Pet: Hamster: Wheel    Pet: Human    Pet: Insect 
Pet: Monkey    Pet: Rabbit    Pet: Reptile 
Pet: Sex Toy    Pet: Sharing    Pet: Supplies 
Pet: Toy    Pet: Training    Pet: Transportation 
Pet: Unwanted    Pet: Waste    Planning 
Plant    Pool    Reminder 
Roof    Safety    Safety: Elderly 
Safety: Fire    Security    Security: Light 
Security: Lock    Security: No Soliciting    Security: Theme 
Security: Window    Setting    Shelf 
Shower    Shower: Automated    Shower: Cleaning 
Shower: Entertainment    Shower: Foam    Shower: Recycling 
Shower: Regulation    Sofa    Staircase 
Table    Table: Coffee Table    Temperature 
Temperature: Cooling    Temperature: Heating    Temperature: Thermostat 
Theme    Toilet    Toilet: Adjusting 
Toilet: Atmosphere    Toilet: Bed    Toilet: Diagnostic 
Toilet: Flush    Toilet: Hygiene    Toilet: Integration 
Toilet: Isolation    Toilet: Mobile    Toilet: Odor 
Toilet Paper Holder    Toilet: Seat    Toilet: Seat: Temperature 
Toilet: Seat: Up or Down    Toilet: Splash    Toilet: Visual 
Toilet: Waste Disposal    Urinal    Urinal: Aim 
Urinal: Entertainment    Vacuum    Vacuum: Autonomous 
Ventilation    Ventilation: Ceiling Fan    Wall 
Wall: Change    Warniture    Water 
Water Bed    Water: Faucet    Water: Faucet: Flow 
Water: Faucet: Location    Water: Faucet: Shape    Water: Faucet: Temperature 
Water: Plumbing    Water: Tap    Window 
Window: Blinds    Window: Blinds: Venetian    Window: Breaking Glass 
Window: Control    Window: Entertainment    Window: Insect Screen 
Window: Light    Window: Optical    Window: Privacy 
Window: Simulated    Wiring       


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