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Direct and indirect subcategories of "vehicle":
[general]    Aircraft    Aircraft: Airship 
Aircraft: Airship: Filling    Aircraft: Airship: Shape    Aircraft: Airship: Solar 
Aircraft: Airship: Tethered    Aircraft: Balloon    Aircraft: Drone 
Aircraft: Flapping    Aircraft: Glider    Aircraft: Helicopter 
Aircraft: Human Powered    Aircraft: Inflatable    Aircraft: Rotation 
Aircraft: Wind    Airplane    Airplane: Adventure 
Airplane: Aerodynamics    Airplane: Airport    Airplane: Black Box 
Airplane: Boarding    Airplane: Cockpit    Airplane: Comfort 
Airplane: Emergency    Airplane: Engine    Airplane: Entertainment 
Airplane: Food    Airplane: Group    Airplane: Interactive 
Airplane: Landing    Airplane: Landing Gear    Airplane: Luggage 
Airplane: Luggage: Carousel    Airplane: Noise    Airplane: Paperwork 
Airplane: Pilot    Airplane: Safety    Airplane: Seat 
Airplane: Seating    Airplane: Security    Airplane: Security: Hijacking 
Airplane: Service    Airplane: Sleep    Airplane: Stopover 
Airplane: Take-Off    Airplane: View    Bicycle 
Bicycle: Anti-theft    Bicycle: Brake    Bicycle: Chain 
Bicycle: Cover    Bicycle: Folding    Bicycle: Frame 
Bicycle: Helmet    Bicycle: Light    Bicycle: Multicycle 
Bicycle: Pedal    Bicycle: Position    Bicycle: Power 
Bicycle: Power: Pneumatic    Bicycle: Safety    Bicycle: Suspension 
Bicycle: Terrain    Bicycle: Wheel    Boat 
Boat: Engine    Boat: Life Raft    Boat: Rowing 
Boat: Sailboat    Bus    Bus: Bus Stop 
Bus: Entertainment    Bus: Fare    Bus: Route 
Bus: Shape    Car    Car: Accident 
Car: Adjustable    Car: Aerodynamics    Car: Air Bag 
Car: Air Freshener    Car: Alarm    Car: Alternate Use 
Car: Ambulance    Car: Antenna    Car: Anti-SUV 
Car: Artificial Intelligence    Car: Battery    Car: Body Panels 
Car: Brake    Car: Brake Lights    Car: Bumper 
Car: Bumper sticker    Car: Buying    Car: Cell phone 
Car: Cleaning    Car: Climate    Car: Climate: Cooling 
Car: Climate: Heating    Car: Clutch    Car: Coffee Maker 
Car: Communication    Car: Communication: Gesture    Car: Communication: Light 
Car: Communication: Magnets    Car: Communication: Text    Car: Communication: Turn Signal 
Car: Communication: Voice    Car: Cover    Car: Cruise Control 
Car: Cup Holder    Car: Design    Car: Destruction 
Car: Display    Car: Door    Car: Drink 
Car: Drunk Driving    Car: Engine    Car: Engine: Adaptable 
Car: Engine: Aspiration    Car: Engine: Combustion    Car: Engine: Cooling 
Car: Engine: Cylinder    Car: Engine: Electric    Car: Engine: Gas-Electric Hybrid 
Car: Engine: Hybrid    Car: Engine: Radial    Car: Engine: Rotary 
Car: Engine: Stirling    Car: Engine: Supercharger    Car: Engine: Supercharger: Lag 
Car: Engine: Turbine Hybrid    Car: Engine: Two-Stroke    Car: Engine: Valves 
Car: Exercise    Car: Exhaust    Car: Exhaust: Catalytic Converter 
Car: Exterior    Car: Exterior: Lighting    Car: Ferry or Transporter 
Car: Fluid    Car: Fluid: Oil    Car: Food 
Car: Fuel    Car: Fuel: Alternative    Car: Fuel: Emotion 
Car: Fuel: Gasoline    Car: Fuel: Station    Car: Fumes 
Car: Gadget    Car: Gadget: Dispenser    Car: Grapple 
Car: Headlights    Car: Headlights: Brightness    Car: Headlights: Height 
Car: Home Repair    Car: Horn    Car: Horn: Sound 
Car: Horn: Volume    Car: Ice    Car: Indicator 
Car: Indicator: Fluid    Car: Insurance    Car: Key 
Car: Law Enforcement    Car: Law Enforcement: Distributed    Car: Law Enforcement: Fine 
Car: Law Enforcement: Police Car    Car: Law Enforcement: Stopping    Car: Learning To Drive 
Car: License    Car: License Plate    Car: Lightweight 
Car: Location    Car: Material    Car: Mirror 
Car: Mirror: Adjustable    Car: Mirror: Periscope    Car: Modular 
Car: Music    Car: Music: Mixer    Car: Music: Singing 
Car: Music: Too Loud    Car: Navigation    Car: Navigation: Destination 
Car: Navigation: Non-GPS    Car: Network    Car: Odometer 
Car: Paint    Car: Parking    Car: Parking: Collision Avoidance 
Car: Parking: Free Spot    Car: Parking: Lot    Car: Parking: Making Space 
Car: Parking: Payment    Car: Parking: Reservation    Car: Parking: Steering 
Car: Parking: Ticket    Car: Parking: Vertical    Car: Parts 
Car: Passengers    Car: Projectile    Car: Proximity Detector 
Car: Radio    Car: Rain Protection    Car: Rating A Driver 
Car: Recorder    Car: Recreational Driving    Car: Reversing 
Car: Rubbernecking    Car: Safety    Car: Safety: Crash 
Car: Safety: Lights    Car: Seat    Car: Seat Belt 
Car: Security    Car: Security: Decoy    Car: Security: Tracking 
Car: Security: Trap    Car: Service    Car: Shape 
Car: Sharing    Car: Solar    Car: Sound 
Car: Speed    Car: Speed Bump    Car: Speed: Control 
Car: Speed: Limit    Car: Speed: Limit: Notice    Car: Speedometer 
Car: Steering    Car: Steering Wheel    Car: Storage 
Car: Style    Car: Suspension    Car: Tail Lights 
Car: Tailgating    Car: Tire    Car: Tire: Adaptive 
Car: Tire: Air    Car: Tire: Appearance    Car: Tire: Jack 
Car: Tire: Treads    Car: Towing    Car: Trailer 
Car: Transmission    Car: Transmission: All-Wheel Drive    Car: Transmission: Automatic 
Car: Transmission: Continuously Variable    Car: Transmission: Manual    Car: Trash 
Car: Turn Signals    Car: Vision    Car: Vision: Blind Spot 
Car: Wash    Car: Wheel Alternative    Car: Window 
Car: Windshield    Car: Windshield: Vision    Car: Windshield: Weather 
Car: Windshield Wiper    Catapult    Elevator 
Elevator: Control    Elevator: Entertainment    Elevator: Interior 
Elevator: Multiple    Elevator: Power    Elevator: Safety 
Hitch-Hiking    Hovercraft    Mass Transit 
Mass Transit: Alarm    Mass Transit: Canal    Mass Transit: Fun 
Mass Transit: Other Passengers    Mass Transit: Pump    Mass Transit: Subway 
Mass Transit: Subway: Atmosphere    Mass Transit: Subway: Boarding    Mass Transit: Subway: Express 
Mass Transit: Subway: Navigation    Mass Transit: Subway: Non-Stop    Mass Transit: Wheels On Rails 
Motorcycle    Motorcycle: Clothing    Motorcycle: Engine 
Motorcycle: Safety    Motorcycle: Temperature    Personal 
Personal: Sphere    Rail    Recreational Vehicle 
Road    Road: Active    Road: Audio 
Road: Barrier    Road: Generator    Road: Highway 
Road: Intersection    Road: Lane    Road: Material 
Road: Pothole    Road: Rage    Road: Road Kill 
Road: Roundabout    Road: Sign    Road: Speed 
Road: Toll    Road: Weather    Scooter 
Segway    Submarine    Tank 
Ticket    Traffic Information    Traffic Jam 
Traffic Light    Traffic Light: Display    Train 
Train: Access    Train: Announcement    Train: Interior 
Train: Obstacle    Travelator    Tunnel 
Water    Water: Walking    Wind 


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