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science: mineral extraction
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Ideas in bold have been created this week.
 (+1)  Cloud Mining 
 (+5, -1)  crevice covered log collects gold 
 (-2)  Deep Ocean Well Disaster Plugs 
 (+20, -9)(+20, -9)  Dig up the Earth's core 
 (+2)  Elesorter (and Isosorter) 
 (+2)  Giving cheaper minerals thus greater prosperity with Radiographic quantum linked imaging 
 (+1)  GMO Ocean Mineral Harvest 
 (+6)  Gold panning by density alone 
 (+4)  Gold-panning caddis flies 
 (+6)  Gold panning non-submersible arc welder 
 (+2)  Gold panning non-submersible car 
   Hydrothermal Fluid Mining 
 (+2, -6)  Mammoth Ivory Prospecting 
 (+2)  Mine desalinator brine 
   Mine Mercury 
 (+3, -1)  Mine the Emperor's Tomb 
 (+3, -1)  mothership seafloor mining model 
 (-5)(-5)  Oxygen-Hydrogen Mining Explosive 
 (+4)  Paleoacoustics 
 (+1, -2)  Pendulum-Assisted Saltworks 
 (+1)  Sea products factory ship 
 (+2, -1)  Seawater Mineral Extracter 
 (+1)  Separating Solids Using 'Mass' Mass Spectrometry 
 (+6)  The Philosophers' Tone 
 (+2)  Underground Incineration 
 (+5, -4)  Water & Salt Extraction 


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