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Put .gaim, .gkrellm, .kde, .gnome, etc. All in One Place
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I'm tired of having all those .whatever directories in my home directory. Why not put 'em all in one folder *inside* my home directory? Then when I wanna dig through 'em, there be none of my regular files to disrupt the view, and when I wanna dig through my other junk, no .stuff interferes.
galukalock, Apr 17 2003


       Well, the problem is not just that I see them when I don't want to (I can, indeed, easily turn that off), but that when I'm rooting through the .stuff, the other stuff is shown too, and it makes it that much harder to find what I'm after.   

       Oh, out of curiosity, is this idea *really* *that* evil?
galukalock, Apr 18 2003

       Doesn't seem to me to be. Maybe people see it as a rant rather than any sort of invention. Who knows?
bristolz, Apr 18 2003

       If you _must_ implement this, PLEASE call it $HOME/.programs or something. One day, I will find the person responsible for coming up with the "c:\program files\unparseable directories & stuff\users\Default User\my data" convention...it's not going to be pretty.   

       I guess you could move all your .config files to a .programs directory and then symlink them back to $HOME--but otherwise, you'd have to change a decades-old convention
cowtamer, Apr 18 2003

       Maybe a "show only hidden files" option in your file manager.
ironfroggy, Apr 18 2003

       [cowtamer] I feel yer pain. I'm forced to use Windows too.   

       [ironfroggy] Yeah, that'd work, but only for those who used that particular file manager.
galukalock, Apr 18 2003


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