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12 Ga. water shell

Could this be possible
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How about a 12 gauge shell that fires a 1 ounce rubber or plastic ball that is filled with water? I think this is within the realm of possibility. It should have interesting effects on the target, given that its liquid. There is a possibility that it could be fired without rupturing provided its covered with a suitable buffer, as well as a wad that keeps it from deforming too much. Possibly sawdust in front and behind the water ball?

Silas L

LibertyMarch, Jul 03 2006


       Essentially, you're talking about an extra-large paintball. I think that should help you envisage what the ballaistic effects will be.   

       You might also want to research water cannons for the effects of high pressure water on various targets.
DrCurry, Jul 03 2006

       What would the advantage be over a rubber shell?
bungston, Jul 03 2006


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