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Help create mayhem by raising awarenes to change 21/12/2012 to another day
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Bored? Help create mayhem by raising awareness to change to 21/ 12/ 2012. to another date. Help is needed to raise awareness of the 2012 fiasco, which will be sure to reach fever pitch next year. Just imagine the mayhem we can create if 21/ 12/ 2012 is quietly changed to another day. Planets will become confused and not know on which day line up. The global warming Wallahs will not be able say to Dis believers "There. I told you so." Disbelievers will not be able to point the finger and say, 'UP Yours You W....." Cows will become unsettled at milking time and Dairy Farmers will ride on tractors to Parliament, because that is what members of the general public expects Farmers to do. Babies will be restless and unable to sleep. Middle of the road whimps will be able to take a rest. Christian Churches will be uncharacteristically quiet about the second coming. All that is, with the exception of the Catholic Church where it will be, "Business a usual lads," "Off out you go, putting the fear of Christ into everyone." What Day should it be changed to? Why, April the 32nd 2013 of course.
Ah Supp, Oct 04 2011


       [marked-for-derision] - crazy talk. I read all of that and my head hurts.   

       I marked the duplicate for deletion - once is enough. This reads as a kind of breathless rant about ... what? I still can't figure it out. I prefer your other work.
Custardguts, Oct 04 2011

       I had an idea which i think is similar, but i haven't posted it here. I think it was before i found this place. However, i might have this idea wrong. Mine would be a "let's all".
nineteenthly, Oct 04 2011

       If I was born on this day, could I delay my birthdate until April?   

       Personally I find the writing style rather fun.
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2011

       Here is my bun, by way of Miraclegrow for this nascent baker. Although - the writing style is English, spellchecked, and silly in a very halfbakerly way and it would not surprise me if this is a new incarnation of an old baker.
bungston, Oct 04 2011

       //incarceration of an old baker.// Protective custardy, of course.   

       Oh, that's not what you said... sorry, [bung], misread you there.
lurch, Oct 04 2011

       I like the part about riding tractors to Parliament...what about some Parliament cake?
xandram, Oct 04 2011

       Quite so Custardguts. Now the smoke has cleared I see your point. Note to self.Change supplier. Please accept honorable humble apology. In self defense. May I claim a modicum of success. Subject matter had you utterly confused.
Ah Supp, Oct 04 2011

       In my own defence, it still has me confused...
Custardguts, Oct 04 2011

       Certainly RayfordSteele, I'll mark my Calender and send you a card
Ah Supp, Oct 05 2011


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