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60 Watt Selmer Radiator

"turn the heat up to 11"
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Many heating radiators are hidden behind anonymous boxes, fronted with plain grills.

60 Watt Selmer Radiator is a similar box-like cover that fits over the front of your otherwise bland or ugly radiator, converting it into a face-on replica of the famous guitar amplifier. The radiator control is linked mechanically to the volume knob on the Selmer, so that the cover doesn't have to be removed for access.

Other famous amplifiers are available, including all of my favourites ie 200 Watt Marshall, Vox AC30, Fender 50 watt etc

xenzag, May 03 2012

60 Watt Selmer http://www.mercurym...lmer/Selmer_amp.jpg
beautiful [xenzag, May 03 2012]

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       Can we pleeaaeeeeessss have a "radiator" category?
xenzag, May 03 2012


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