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Aerial of Thorns

protection for your car aerial
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Many cars still have external aerials for their radios. For some reason these are very attractive to vandals, which is why I have developed the "Aerial of Thorns".

It's like a regular car aerial only a bit thicker. This is to facilitate its "thorny" mode. On activation the entire length of the aerial becomes encusted with retractable thorns and looks like a sprouting rose vine.

xenzag, Oct 25 2007

Thorny vine http://www.mooseysc...lery/rose-thorn.jpg
looks like this when activated [xenzag, Oct 25 2007]

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       "Lookathat flashh carr... I'm justagonna fugging rip ovv it's arieoooooooowwww!!!!"   

wagster, Oct 25 2007

       I approve of anything that is a danger only to vandals. Slash the bastards.   

       That said, is there any kind of record of what injuries occur to pedestrians specifically from the aerial?   

       Bun until I know more.
elhigh, Oct 25 2007

       most car aerials are not that accessible to casual encounters
xenzag, Oct 25 2007

       + as long as mine can sprout a rose at the top, too.
xandram, Oct 25 2007

       Maybe even add a delayed reaction taser feature - so not only does the thug get his/her hand filleted... but then the open wounds would get a taste of 20 or 30,000 volts o' juice. Eat IT!
tossthedog, Oct 25 2007

       It's not so much designed to injure, but to deter, whilst retaining some aesthetic value.
xenzag, Oct 25 2007

       It might improve reception too.
phundug, Oct 25 2007

       Can it be weaved into a crown?
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2007

       ...I think you mean "woven".   

       I'm guessing that this idea is about the car's radio antenna.
BJS, Oct 25 2007

       Don't aerials usually retract when you turn the radio off?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2007

       Only on some (usually more expensive) cars.
BJS, Oct 25 2007

       Well, if it doesn't retract, can one not ask one's man to retract the aerial after he has parked the car?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2007

       Many people don't have a man, and most of the men that people do have won't "retract the aerial".
BJS, Oct 25 2007

       But then who would drive their car?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2007

       Most people have to drive the car themselves, if they have one.
BJS, Oct 25 2007

       "upon activation" implies some kind of sensory device, prone to malfunction and overide. Rather use disguise. Either by duplication (the Hairy Back of Constant Reception) or disguise of the thorns within the aerial itself (the Obfuscated Spikes of Non-removal), also slightly thicker but "thorns" unretractable.
4whom, Oct 27 2007

       Great idea! Would like to see them laying nice and flat all along the length, then fluff out like a cat's tail when someone tries to mess with it...Could it hiss too? Or could there be a 'whip' antenna version that lashes out at anything in close proximity to the vehicle? (your remote would de-activate it)(cat'o nine and tenners?)
the dog's breakfast, Oct 27 2007


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