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Alice Icons

Choose the size of your desktop icons
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Some desktop icons are more important than others, according to what project you're working on. It is already possible to rename them, change the pictures, and move them around. It should then also be possible to choose the size of each icon on your desktop, according to its importance level to the user.

Thus, on my desktop the shortcut to the Halfbakery would be larger than average, menacing the rest of the normal-sized icons from its corner of the screen. The shortcut to that report I have to finish TODAY would be huge (as well as smack-dab in the middle of the screen), grabbing my attention the moment I sit down to work. Icons I use less already sit at the edge of the screen, why not make them smaller too so they take up less of the valuable screen space and don't compete for attention at the same level as their more-often-used friends?

migennes, Dec 14 2005

(?) Alice icon http://www.sugarinm...com/art/drinkme.gif
[normzone, Dec 15 2005]


       Mac OS X can do that which windows users only dream of
xenzag, Dec 14 2005

       nice title!   

       <munches on biscuit>
po, Dec 14 2005

       po: um, your head is bumping the ceiling...
DrCurry, Dec 14 2005

       What you're proposing, [migennes], may exist in the myriads of desktop utilities. I feel I've seen the exact thing, but can't be sure.
reensure, Dec 14 2005

       <sticks leg out of window> ah yes, thats better. now where did that rabbit go?
po, Dec 14 2005

       [reensure] I get a deja view feeling about it too.   

       Maybe it just feels too logical to not have been done already?
migennes, Dec 14 2005

       Google on "resize desktop icons," and a *lot* of utilities come up, so it looks like you're right.
DrCurry, Dec 15 2005

       [zenzag], except natively run the apps I want and need on the hardware of my choosing. This means that OSX is, for me, a nightmare.
bristolz, Dec 15 2005

       Just did the google. The solutions I found seem to resize *all* the icons. The idea I came up with would allow for each icon to be a different size, so the ones that are more important to you will stand out more.   

       Should be fairly simple - you can already customize the name and picture and move it wherever you want on your desktop. These things are properties associated with each icon, not all of them.
migennes, Dec 15 2005

       [normzone] any chance I can get that pic as an icon file?
migennes, Dec 15 2005

       You do me too much honor, it's a Google Image search for me...
normzone, Dec 15 2005

       GNOME can do it.
erlehmann, Dec 15 2008

       Well done me!, I had no idea....
gnomethang, Dec 15 2008


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