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Anti-Glare Road

Eliminate temporary blindness for drivers
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Roads coated with anti-glare material/chemical or something to stop sun-blindness when road is wet.Many apologies if already suggested elsewhere...
veitchy, Feb 03 2003

So you probably wouldn't like this idea then http://www.halfbake..._20Global_20Warming
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]

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       Tricky, because the glare comes from the film of water on the road, not the road material itself. You would need a way of dispersing the water film.
8th of 7, Feb 03 2003

       That's what potholes are for
thumbwax, Feb 03 2003

       Yeah, whatever you put on the road, the water will just sit on top of it. Put your Polaroids on.
DrCurry, Feb 03 2003

       I can turn off the sun for you if you want, thcgenius.
Macwarrior, Feb 03 2003

       An uneven road surface would be very noisy, if you tried to do it with some kind of corrugation, ridges or grooves.
kropotkin, Feb 03 2003

       Make the grooves parallel to the direction of travel. Unless you're changing lanes or merging or something, this should be almost as quiet as flat roads.
Bert6322, Feb 03 2003

       Actually, a special road surface material could work, if it was either very hydrophobic (increase run-off) or absorbent (wicks water away).   

       As DrC suggested, a better idea would be to wear polarising shades. These selectively filter out reflected light. A polarising windscreen is possible, but it's much more costly and would be AS1 non-compliant.
FloridaManatee, Feb 03 2003

       //making the centre of the road ... higher than the outsides//
That's called "camber", and roads have had it since the Romans.
angel, Feb 04 2003

       No grooves please, they make motorcycling just a little too exciting. Why not add millions of tiny holes, with a drainage layer underneath. The water will simply soak through the road.
rbl, Feb 04 2003


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