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Anti-christ of the week

Top-Ten: Antichrist of the week list
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A top-ten list of candidates to most likely being the anti-christ, updated weekly. Candidates could range from polititians, actors, socialites, and all sorts of areas of public life.
casual_friday, Sep 14 2002

The opposite http://www.jesusoftheweek.com/
Anti-baked! [dare99, Sep 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       awww - I liked this one - advance warning can't be a bad thing, shirley?
yamahito, Sep 14 2002

       where would this be, on the radio, t.v., or what.
cods, Sep 15 2002

       I reckon John the Baptist was the Ante-Christ.
General Washington, Sep 15 2002

       Mephista, let someone else have a turn now.
waugsqueke, Sep 16 2002

       What, exactly, is an anti-Christ please?

[Oops! Typo corrected.]
DrBob, Sep 16 2002

       Don't CNN and NBC do this already ?   

       <aside> Dr Bob, and anti-Chist is someone who is mildly opposed to Chists, unlike an Anar-Chist who thinks that Chists should be hunted down and exterminated, or a pro-Chist who wanst to cuddle up close (Etymology: see "approach", "approachist").   

       I trust this answers your question. </aside>
8th of 7, Sep 16 2002

       Well, not really 8th (apart from helping with my spelling). It only leads to the further question ' What is a Christ?'
DrBob, Sep 16 2002

       If you put a Christ and an Anti-Christ together in the same room, they cancel one another out, releasing massive quantities of energy and exotic psalms in the process.   

       It is rumoured that the catacombs beneath the Vatican are ancient acceleration chambers operated by specially trained Bishops, wherein various relics are collided with one another, and the results examined carefully, in order to provide divine clues about the nature of heaven.
zen_tom, Oct 30 2006

       //If you put a Christ and an Anti-Christ together in the same room, they cancel one another out//   

       Any potential for harnessing and using the resultant energy, they cancel one another out, releasing massive quantities of energy   

       And I'm sure that we can find a joint book deal for the pair of them too.
froglet, Oct 30 2006

       + seems a shame that no one ever mentions Uncle-Christ!
xandram, Mar 14 2008

       I guess christ must be a fermi-god then. Perhaps the ratio of christs to anti-christs is like 1 to a billion and, if they tend to annihilate each other on contact, perhaps that's why we don't see anymore christs entering our earth's atmosphere. Perhaps all the christs died out long ago and there are only anti-christs left now. All I know, is that I don't want to be anywhere near earth if there are more christs coming into our atmosphere because it might lead to total annihilation.   

       gosh, why can't christ be a neutral god like buddha who promises not to interact with anything!?
quantum_flux, Mar 14 2008

       I'd be on this list every week, what with my Greek brother and all.
nineteenthly, Mar 14 2008


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