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Antlers for people
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With the parallel rise of extreme body modification and Wicca, neo-paganism, and other religions that worship Pan, the Green Man, Horned God, this fashion trend is inevitable.

Just take antlers from a real animals and anchor them to specially tailored sockets in your forehead. You could have them wired to the back of the head or neck for support.

funcrusher, Feb 26 2001

Horn implants on Jay, by Steve Haworth http://www.bme.free...c/other/jayhorn.jpg
Horn-like bumps under the skin. Haworth has done a couple of these, among them those on "the enigma" (guy with blue puzzle pieces all over his body). I picked this particular photograph because it was the most "normal" looking, apart from the bumps. [jutta, Feb 26 2001]

(?) Horns on "Love & Rockets" character H.R.Costigan http://hoppers13.com/love/cards/herv.html
(As mentioned by Aristotle.) [jutta, Feb 26 2001]

Animal Teeth Implants http://www.halfbake..._20Teeth_20Implants
My idea.... If you don't like anything to do with body modification, don't click on the link [DesertFox, Oct 04 2004]

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       and you can double as a coatrack at parties.
nick_n_uit, Feb 27 2001

       Would they have the same function as real antlers? I.e. If you've got the biggest antlers in the room, ... well, let's just say that everyone wants to share your genepool.
hippo, Feb 27 2001

jutta, Feb 27 2001

       zippyanna: This appears in the comic "Love and Rockets" where the richest man in the world has two small horns jutting from his forehead. This is not too unusual as L&R is set in a world with superheroes so this ups the wierdness stakes, I guess.
Aristotle, Feb 28 2001

       Nahh, Steve Haworth doesn't make antlers or horns... they're not even antlets or hornlets (although that's not to say they're not extremely cool).   

       Implants score very half-baked on the antler scale, and borrowing antlers from other animals seems very hermit crab. I'm holding out on this one for the ability to grow real antlers, although I hope the ability to grow a real tail comes sooner! (^_^)   

       - Andi (tsuchan@bigfoot.com)
tsuchan, Mar 04 2002

       Would be all the rage at stag parties.
MusicalKungFu, Jun 20 2004

       Animal teeth implants would be better, though. Easier and less troublesome. +
DesertFox, Jun 21 2004


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