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Arcade Treadmill

Running Treadmill that plays networked video games
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How about a set of treadmills within a gym that plays networked games like Unreal Tournament? The faster you go, the more powerful weapon & health you accumulate. You would be a in competition with the rest of the other treadmill users. This would certainly make your exercise routine more interesting. I have seen treadmills with TV sets attached, so this would be just a small leap forward from that....
jalsak, Oct 09 2000

Very similar idea. http://www.halfbake...eadmill_20of_20DOOM
[jutta, Oct 09 2000]

Exercise slot machines http://www.cnn.com/.../exercise.slots.ap/
AP item about deployment of "Pedal'N'Play" machines at the Tropicana casino. A treadmill-shaped model, the "Money Mill", is also available. [jutta, Oct 09 2000]

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       Apart from the stereotype that the intersection between video gamers and exercisers is rather small, this idea could really be quite interesting. I have seen single player video games attached to rowing machines but those games portayed, of all things, rowing. Dull. This game, whatever it was, would defintely have to encourage running (or rapid walking) rather than hiding and sniping.
centauri, Oct 09 2000

       There is a video game where sit on a fake little horse that you are going to race. To make your horse move you have to rock your little horse back and forth as fast as possible. Besides feeling like a total tool the game is quite labor intensive. There are also mountain bike racing games where you pedal like mad for a few minutes.   

       They are usually hooked up in a group of 4 or five so you are racing other people.
blahginger, Oct 10 2000

       Better yet, you should make the games powered by the treadmill / exercycle, so you can play video games when the power's out.   

       It really bugs to see AC power going *into* a machine that I'm using for recreational exercize.
tenhand, Oct 10 2000


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