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New paint that smells nice
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When decorating it is nice to smell new paint but sometimes it can be a bit horrid. If the paint had some essetnial oils in there to make it smell really nice that would be great.
gizmo, Apr 01 2003

Chocolate "Paint" http://www.valentin...tid=1107&storeid=16
Maybe you could just paint your walls with this!! (and it would be great midnight snack too!) [funkychunky]

Paint Pourri http://www.scentco....intpourri/index.php
Additive for interior latex. Comes in Tropical Winds, Simply Citrus, Ocean Breeze, Soft Vanilla, Wildflower, Airy Fresh, Lavender Breeze and Simply Clean. Sorry, no chocolate or mint. [waugsqueke, Oct 21 2004]


       baked sorry. will find a link - but I may be gone some time so talk among yourselves :)
po, Apr 01 2003

       gizmo: does your mother know about your paint sniffing problem?
DrCurry, Apr 01 2003

       Sorry - my dad would really like a curry flavoured paint
gizmo, Apr 01 2003

       Well even though it might already exist it's still a nice idea. The smell could be based on the color - Yellow could smell like Lemons - Green like grass - Brown like chocolate...etc...
funkychunky, Apr 01 2003

       I was thinking that new paint smells clean but if it made the whole house or even the room smell for a while that would be nice, my room could smell of chocolate or mint. The smell could last for quite some time if aromathery oils were used. Could create a relaxing or up-beat mood.
gizmo, Apr 01 2003

       Might make you really hungry while you were painting though!
funkychunky, Apr 01 2003

       Reminds me of a rubbish joke:   

       Q: What's blue and smells like yellow paint?   

       A: Blue paint.   

       Your idea might finally kill off this "joke" once and for all. And for that a croissant.
lostdog, Apr 01 2003

       Baked as a paint additive - see link. WB, giz.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2003

       But I *LIKE* the smell of fresh paint.
Madcat, Apr 02 2003

       This could be useful for people decorating before selling their homes. Prospective buyers are attracted by the smell of freshly-baked bread, but it can be a trial baking for every visitor. Bread paint would make it much easier. Have a freshly baked croissant for your trouble :)
sambwiches, Apr 03 2003

       A few years ago, 20 or 25 say, Woolworth's own-brand paint in the UK had something in it to make it smell vaguely fruity - an aldehyde of some sort I think.
probert, Apr 04 2003

       [jutta] Link? It sounds interesting.
thecat, Jul 07 2003


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