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Ash-tray (literally)

cleaner, safer ashtray
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Conventional ashtrays consist of a plate which you ash in, and when you're done, you stub your ciggarette out on the plate and leave it there (I'm sure you're all familliar with this concept)...problem is, with all that loose ash just sitting there even the slightest gust of air can make a real mess...look at any ashtray, theres almost always a little ash surrounding it.

An ashtray with two different horizontal levels would eliminate this. The one on the top being made of a sift-like metal mesh (but not big enough for ciggarettes to fit through). And the bottom one being like any other ashtray...this, ofcourse would be the ash-tray. all ash would fall through the sift and sit at the bottom, safe from any movement of air. Also, when stubbing out the ciggarette the cinders would fall through too, eliminating the chance of them setting other ciggarettes in the ashtray alight...

moi moi je

shinobi, Nov 02 2004

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       Stub your cigarettes out in an empty wine bottle.   

       Seriously though, this would work, and would work best with a narrow necked design.
david_scothern, Nov 02 2004

       Was thinking maybe 3" diameter, and 4" high
shinobi, Nov 02 2004

       There are ashtrays available which are meant to be odour-free (they're not thought). They have a button on a stick in the middle and a hollow compartment underneath a tray.. When you press the button the tray drops and spins sending the ash and dog ends into the lower compartment. Got it? They still stink, especially as they don't get emptied 'cos nobody can see how full they are. I like the whizzin bit though.
squeak, Nov 02 2004


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