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Ass Bank Ass Meter

Capitalize on your erotic capital
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The tellers at the Ass Bank start out by fully documenting your bottom. With point cloud scans, manual measurements, stereo photography and an interview that includes questions about ass activity, diet, exercise and history a detailed profile is created.

The bank then processes your data through an elaborate calculator that then furnishes statistics of quality, magnitude and a rating similar to a credit rating all based on comparison to all of the other ass data in the bank.

vfrackis, May 13 2010

(?) www.ratemybutt.com/ http://www.ratemybutt.com/
So like this then, only with the additional overheads of a branch-network. [zen_tom, May 13 2010]

Somewhat related... Lunar_20Biometrics
butt biometrics to prevent identity theft [FlyingToaster, May 13 2010]


       ...so I have growing ASSets...
xandram, May 13 2010

       rate my but is not what i had in mind, its far too porno, my thought process was to financial institutionalize bottoms, to make ass quality a form of currency if you will.   

       I was inspired by watching an out of control monkey show on the science channel.
vfrackis, May 13 2010

       //make ass quality a form of currency// Very high inflation rate, as ass quality declines over time. Now, if you made ass *size* a form of currency, you'd have the opposite effect (as [xandram] points out).
mouseposture, May 13 2010

       I saw that monkey show.  It's where they were having sex like they were shakin' hands.  Not?   

       'Your ass is a 10... On the Richter Scale, that is!'   

       I'd like to see a visual of the groceries it took to build some of these tunz-o-bunz.  'if you line the groceries he ate up, they would go to the moon and back'.   

       MO (Morbid Obesity) T-Shirt: 'What about the starving kids in Asia?  I ate them too!'   

       Oh, I know, your butt bank is for beautiful, not bountiful, buns.  But ass are in the eye of the beholder.  So one person's 10 could be another's 0.   

       It would be more like a market.  Butt futures.   

       Look... I'm not voting for your idea, but, I'll put a bun on your bum.
Mustardface, May 14 2010


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