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New and Improved! With Science!
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Astrology continues to enjoy enormous popularity and reap large revenues for its practitioners. However, its system is based on observations hundreds or thousands of years old. Astronomy employs special telescopes and satellites and can characterize the position and motion of celestial objects in ways never before possible. But astronomers are poor, and wear worn out pants.

Astrology and astronomy is a match made in heaven. Using their scopes, astrologonomers can expand the traditional astrologic system to take into account the motions of small comets and moons in our solar system, as well as extremely large, powerful, and possibly influential entities such as pulsars, dark matteroids and distant galaxies. I predict that those with money soon parting them will desert their astrologers en masse and turn to the astrologonomers for advice, as well as amazing pictures from the Hubble.

bungston, Sep 26 2005

An ominous portent, as seen by the Hubble. http://www.arnieros...838/v838_Hubble.jpg
[bungston, Sep 26 2005]


       My first problem was figuring out how to say the title.
hidden truths, Sep 26 2005

       The whole concept seems rather nebulous.   

       As long as you carefully planet ahead of time, I am sure it will comet o a good resultion.
bungston, Sep 26 2005

       A capital notion, yes. Astrology, as a market for exploitation, is limited first by the number of available gullible customers and second by the level or type of advice given. Astrologonomy expands both markets by adding more detail and, in much the same was that "fruit micro oils"-type pretend science makes hair care products more attractive to borderline morons, dresses Gypsy caravan whimsy in a well-pressed lab coat and spectacles.   

       Perhaps also apply the concept to, say, Tarot, so as to include more societally familiar archetypes: the dole bludging scum bag, the pimp, the Tory MP (of cups!). Perhaps not.
calum, Sep 26 2005


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