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Attractive Painting

using a steel-bristled paintbrush over a magnetic backing
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This programmable product will add a fuzzy, spontaneous dimension to your painting. The paintbrushes have long, thin, steel bristles designed for flexibility and holding and applying oil, acrylic or water colors well. The backing is a matrix of electromagnetic coils to be placed behind the canvas or board. As you paint, the brush tip is pulled by the various magnetic fields giving your creation an added, appealing component.

Through your PC, you can preprogram the magnetic patterns on the backing or choose random mode. The pattern can be stable or fluctuate, and the detail size can be adjusted. Amaze friends and relatives with your new, swirling, wispy style.

FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2002

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       Would this not only really be of use for abstract artists?
kaz, Oct 07 2002

       That is so cool!

       T*h*e* u*l*t*i*m*a*t*e* p*o*i*n*t*a*l*l*i*s*t*'*s* t*o*o*l*!*
I* w*a*n*t* o*n*e* n*o*w*!* W*h*e*r*e*?*
hollajam, Oct 07 2002

       kaz: The work would certainly be more abstract than the intended brush strokes.   

       hollajam: Out on the web by Christmas?
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2002

       Not sure I get this. Are the magnets supposed to perturbate the bristles individually, or the brush as a whole?
General Washington, Oct 07 2002

       The whole tip of the brush.
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2002

       GenW, as I imagine it from FJ's description, it might end up looking like some of your offerings. So, you should probably claim prior art on this idea.

yeah. it was just an excuse for a pun.
lewisgirl, Oct 07 2002

       I imagine having a magnetic repulsion built into your brush would be a bit like painting with dyskinesia. Which would not be without merit. It would give it a spontaneity to the strokes you couldn't otherwise fake.   

       But I'm not sure if you could tell the difference between a painting done this way and one done on a dogfighting jet. A different fractal dimension to the wildness, maybe.
General Washington, Oct 07 2002

       YO/U//CR//U/D//E DU//D//E/<wicked good joke>   

       And it's true also!
hollajam, Oct 07 2002

       sp: p•o•i•n•t•i•l•l•i•s•t
thumbwax, Oct 07 2002


hollajam, Oct 07 2002

       I get the impression that this would be like trying to draw with a pen that sticks to the paper. Everything would look like a Gerald Scarfe illustration.
waugsqueke, Oct 08 2002

       I like it. I'd definitely take it for a test run. I do have to confess that I'm getting amusing mental images of frustrated painters grappling with recalcitrant paintbrushes.
madradish, Oct 08 2002

peter2, Apr 30 2003


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