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AutoTatt 2005 LT

Select the best tattoo for you, electronically.
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Problem - Tattoo customers get cold feet because they aren't sure exactly how the tattoo will look. Tattoo artists lose the opportunity to practice their art.

Solution - AutoTatt tattoo imaging software, which allows the customer to perfect his tattoo on the computer screen, before he ever commits to it on his body.

AutoTatt has a library of tattoos, and a library of 3-D virtual mannequins. Pick the mannequin that looks most like you. Then pick a collection of tattoos you like and a set of spots on the body where you might put a tattoo. The software will swiftly generate realistic previews of each tattoo in each position, using texture map technology. Resize and recolor the tattoos right on the virtual mannequin's body, as many times as you like, until you get exactly the look you want. Rotate and reposition too.

The tattoo artist can use the printout as a guide, or go direct-to-skin with a CAD CAM tattoo machine (see link).

robinism, Feb 19 2005

Comparable product, only for hairstyle changes http://www.salonstyler.com/
[robinism, Feb 19 2005, last modified Feb 20 2005]

CAD CAM Tattoo CAD_2fCAM_20Tattoo
by tsuchan. [calum, Feb 19 2005]

Tattoo Warnings Tattoo_20Warnings
by sdm [calum, Feb 19 2005]

Newton's Tattoo Newton_27s_20Tattoo
by Fishrat. [calum, Feb 19 2005]

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       Can you artifically age the output as well, to see what it'll look like in 40/50 years time?
scubadooper, Feb 19 2005

       Our clientele (tattoo artists) prefer that that particular feature be left out.
robinism, Feb 19 2005

       [scuba] presumably that takes the place of 'parental control'.   

       I have two alternative tattoos I'd like to have, but I keep being talked out of them. One say 'this space intentionally left blank' and the other one 'your message here - $40,000'   

       Someday my good judgement will be weakened for long enough that I end up getting one of them stuck on my arm.
moomintroll, Feb 19 2005


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