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Auto Post-It Flag sticker...

each batch of printouts seperated by a flag sticky....
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Anyone using a printer at a library knows how the printer is constantly churning out pages on pages of printouts. People remove the whole batch and search for their part and leave the rest. What if there was a post-it flag slot in the printer. That way everytime a batch is over the printer could add a flag to it so people could search for their section from a heap of printouts.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 08 2004


       you're right how come they don't do that? Copiers do a lot of this stuff, even staple -- how come printers don't? Good one+
theircompetitor, Feb 08 2004

       Separator pages have been around since way back in the day when *all* output was printed. There are already plenty of printers which collate, staple, bind, cover or what have you. You should consider donating one to your cash-strapped library.
phoenix, Feb 08 2004

       [phoenix] If getting a printer thats twice the price made no difference then your analysis was bang on. but no matter how you see it a 5 buck increase in price (adding the flags) and a 20 buck increase(buying printers that offer 10 other features) does make a difference.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 08 2004

       I don't understand n_w's response to [phoenix]. [phoenix]'s solution is to have one more sheet of paper printed at the beginning of the print job as has been done for ages. No special hardware, no extra cost beyond the minimal cost of printing one more page.   

       It has taken a couple of readings for me to realize that the Post-It dealy must be intended to stick out beyond the paper so that it will visibly protude from the edge of the stack.
half, Feb 09 2004

       [half] exactly
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 09 2004

       Got it.   

       <unsolicited writing advice from a mediocre writer>
It mighta been a good idea to state that originally. It is the central feature of your idea and you're relying on the reader's proper interpretation of "Post-It flag" to get your point across.
</unsolicited advice>
half, Feb 09 2004

       [half] any better?
nomadic_wonderer, Oct 26 2004

       I'm not sure what it was like before, but this idea is now lovely. [theircompetitor] is quite right, printers and copiers have long been able to collate, stapler and the like, but Post-It flags would be a great addition. (it could even write the print time and doc title).
neilp, Oct 26 2004


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