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Autogoogly eyes

It's looking art me....
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Googly eye stickers: they are wonderful. Small plastic domes over a sticky back, and enclosing a little circle of something dark that serves as a pupil. One can have these be the eye of a new representative work of art, or one can add some needed extra googliness by affixing these stickers to a flat picture of an eye on an existing poster or painting*.

Occasionally one can make the pupil of a googly eye sticker jump around within its dome, by rubbing the dome and imparting a charge.

BUNGCO cannot go around rubbing eye stickers. The autogoogly has a backing which gradually converts ambient light into charge. When the charge is enough, the pupil will jump across to a new site, and the cycle begins anew.

*note: if augmenting expensive paintings with googly eyes we recommend the BUNGCO EZ peel eyes to make removal (should this be desired) easy and painless.

bungston, Sep 19 2016


       [+] I doubt it would work, but if it did...
FlyingToaster, Sep 19 2016


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