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Automatic Metallica MP3 CD Distributor

A program that automatically downloads Metallica MP3s from the Net, burns CDs of them, then mails the CDs to random Metallica fans around the world.
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I got this idea when I learned that filthy-rich Metallica was one of Napster's most vocal opponents. I don't think those rich-as-God Metallica dudes realize how ridiculous they look, cursing and moaning because some college students are downloading their tunes for free.

Therefore, I suggest this program. It would automatically locate Metallica MP3s on the Net; download them; burn them to CDs (on a special multi-disk changer); then automatically mail the CDs to randomly-selected heavy-metal fans around the world (who could sign up via a special website). With the right equipment, thousands of CDs could be produced and mailed out every day.

This would help justify Metallica's rants. In fact, the expanded exposure would probably boost their fan base, sell more of their high-priced concert tickets, expensive souvenirs, etc. I think they'd come out ahead, actually. (They probably already are---but when you rant for a living, you can't pay too much attention to positive stuff.)

Ander, Jul 15 2000

Feeling guilty? http://www.paylars.com/
All major credit cards accepted. [jutta, Jul 15 2000]

Counterpoint http://www.salon.co.../14/love/index.html
Transcript of a talk by Courtney Love that attacks the record companies but also defends Lars. Worth reading, IMHO, even if (especially if) you disagree... [egnor, Jul 15 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       (Moved to Business: Media.)   

       This might become a real music distribution format. You spam people with the storage (think AOL installation disks), and have them pay to obtain a key needed to unlock songs beyond a "teaser".   

       Not worthwhile for CD-style storage and single bands; but worthwhile for MP3-style encoding and whole labels.
jutta, Jul 15 2000

       I think a little editting of your idea would make the outcome more likeable. Lets take out some words.   

       It would automatically locate Metallica ... burn them ........   

       Much nicer outcome.
Alcin, Sep 04 2000

       Alcin: Haw!
Ander, Oct 13 2000

       I heard that the Barenaked Ladies recently flooded Napster with MP3 files that "looked" like songs from their new album, but after a few seconds the song turned into an advertisement for the record.
blahginger, Oct 13 2000

       I'm just waiting for someone (the RIAA?) to figure out how to send viruses via MP3 files. Boy wont that be fun :-(
Alcin, Oct 14 2000

salmon, May 03 2001

       don't forgert mapster and of course my favorite, Crapster.
dr_photon, Mar 17 2002

       // I'm just waiting for someone (the RIAA?) to figure out how to send viruses via MP3 files. Boy wont that be fun :-(

Its sort of already happening Alcin. I can't remember which P2P it is (but I think it might be Audiogalaxy), will display "metallic_tune.mp3.vbs" as "metallica_tune.mp3" in its GUI. Click to preview the file and its curtains to your hard drive.
mcscotland, Mar 18 2002

       What, most music these days isn't viruslike? I can't turn on the radio without feeling like I'm coming down with something.
Ander, Nov 08 2002

       I'm not so sure I'm with this. On the one hand I can see why it appeals to people to attack Hetfield et al because they are percieved as having enough money already and shouldn't be moaning. What if (it's unlikely I know) the band were intending to _anonamously_ contribute all their revenue from a new album to some charity, would it still be okay to say; "they have enough money already"?   

       I'd be very cautious about getting to a situation where we start dictating to people how much money they can have and when it is appropritate for them to sit down and shut up about something they produce being procured by the masses for free.   

       We'd all be better off campaigning to reduce the cut record companies take from music sales, and shopping at independant stores.   

       Also if people have a problem with a band's attitude then maybe they should stop listening to the music, (payed-for or free).
Zircon, Nov 08 2002


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