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BOVERDS - the Blind Oncoming Vehicle Early Response to Danger System

Project a red lazer triangle ahead of any vehicle and reduce the risk of head on collisions on blind corners / country lanes
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We all hate the inconvenience of a head on collisions, right?

We all know that it is far safer to drive on twisty turny country lanes at night (because you can see oncoming vehicles headlights before they come round the corner) right?

We'll here is the daytime (and night time) solution...

...Simply mounted onto the windscreen (by virtue of some sort of improbably complex vaccuum sucker / magnet) is the BOVERDS hazard warning projector.

A strong patern of lazer light is emmitted in front of your vehicle in the form of a large red equilateral triangle - pointing towards the ground (the standard highways symbol for give way).

This triangle gets bigger the further from the vehicle by way of a diffracting lens. And smaller and more intense as you get closer to the vehicle. If correctly fited the trinagle is projected onto the surface of hedges, walls, cows, roadside furniture etc... which creates a mobile hazard warning some 50 - 60 yards ahead of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

Every car is fitted with one of these devices - each projecting a bright red triangle at 2 ft above the ground ahead of the equipped vehicle. The device also contains a sensor that automatically shuts off the lazer if another vehicle is in direct line of sight or in case of pedestrins ahead (to prevent destroying the fragile retinas of other road users).

So now as you drive along a country road and start to turn a blind corner you may see a (all beit fuzzy) red triangle appear on the hedge / wall ahead you now know that there is an oncoming vehicle headed your way and can take premeditative avoiding action - or just slow down a tad...

...you could even have warning messages built into the lazer pattern... perhaps the speed of your vehicle could be projected. A friendly comment or perhaps even a proverb for other road users to consider on their journey... who knows?

BunFight101, Oct 23 2008

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       In fact you would see TWO triangles if there was another car there, no?.
Could get VERY confusing if there are gaps in the hedgerow or if the cow moves...
gnomethang, Oct 23 2008

       //This triangle gets bigger the further from the vehicle by way of a diffracting lens.//

Doesn't that rather defeat the point of using a laser?

Personally, I'd rather have a car full of batteries for powering the laser and use it to burn a hole through the middle of anything that gets in the way; hedges, cows, people's homes, other road users etc.
DrBob, Oct 23 2008

       If you can’t see a car approaching in daylight, you won't see a blurry laser triangle.   

       Not only would the laser be needed in every vehicle, it would certainly be regularly tested and calibrated by law, with great time and cost to the drivers, and providing little or no value. This makes it the perfect government mandate.   

       If the oncoming car laser system is malfunctioning, how do I tell them it’s, say, shining in my eye? …Flash my laser in their eye? Can you explain how it knows when to when shut off? And what about the cows?
Amos Kito, Oct 23 2008

       It's also safer to drive on a narrow country road a hundred yds or so behind another car, as you can effectively 'see' that extra 100yds. What about a remote control car that drives 100yds ahead of you, with a video camera.
[-] BTW, I think that there will be too many blinded squirrels.
MadnessInMyMethod, Oct 25 2008

       sp. "laser", "well", "vacuum", "emitted", "fitted", "triangle", "pedestrians", "albeit"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 25 2008

       headlights? If you can't discern a car's headlights then anything short of an industrial laser is going to be hard to pick out. Bad blind intersections should have filtered convex mirrors.
WcW, Oct 26 2008

       //an industrial laser//
Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to drive.
Amos Kito, Oct 26 2008

       WCW - "Bad blind intersections should have filtered convex mirrors."   

       That's a good idea.
Bad Jim, Nov 17 2008

       so, a mobile powerpoint presentation   

       "this hazard notifier brought to you in part by the "save the hummers" foundation , lol
Arcanus, Nov 18 2008


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