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Backwards binoculars

Backwards binoculars for the Cinema
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Have you ever been caught getting to the cinema late? I got to a movie late recently - it was also opening night for the movie, and i had to sit in the front row.

As the movie was impossible to handle, my mind drifted and came up with the idea of a pair of glasses, that you could pop on that would do what Binoculars do , except IN REVERSE! This would solve an incredible amount of hassles with seating, in fact you could actually fit more people into the theatre, as well as many other useful applications.

Comments? :)

rokgod, Jan 12 2004

How Binoculars Work http://www.yesmag.b...ons/binoculars.html
[v0rtexx, Oct 04 2004]

Imax http://www.imax.com/
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       Okay, [+] for the idea, since I sympathize with your scenerio you provided. But those "glasses" would not look like glasses at all. They would look just like regular binoculars. Check out the link and see how binoculars work.
v0rtexx, Jan 13 2004

       Im sorry, I understand they will probably look a lot like binos, obviously turned around the other way with the lenses aranged to make things appear smaller.... but perhaps utililising light wieght materials and space age technology to reduce weight/size etc...
rokgod, Jan 13 2004

       2 thoughts occur.   

       1. either move the front row to behind the back row(its obviously badly situated)   

       2. project the film onto the back wall of the theatre and turn the first couple of rows of seats round 180 degrees.   

       ever been to an Imax theatre? awesome.
po, Jan 13 2004

       In fact the more i think about this, perhaps these glasses/binolculars could be used for more humanitarian uses as well. Consider this..   

       The BackwardsBinos could perhars help people who suffer from some sufferers of anorexia and other eating disorders. In their mind they may think they are eating a very small morsel, when in fact it is a plate of lasagne, which could help put them on the road to recovery.
rokgod, Jan 13 2004

       // Comments? :) //   

       Don't sit in the front row.
waugsqueke, Jan 13 2004

       It seems to me that all you really need to do here is turn the binoculars around and look through them. In those lifeboat scenarios rig up a BinoHolder that you can clip around your ears to keep them in place during extended periods of time.. could even work for holding binos in place when used for regular viewing at races, etc.
no12pass, Jan 13 2004

       Reverse Opera Glasses
thumbwax, Jan 13 2004


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