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Bank-Tube-Style Elevator System

Personal High Speed Elevator System
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It works just like the little tubes at a drive up bank, except on a massive scale. This exclusive elevator system for high rise and other business type buildings would consist of several large plastic tubes running the length of the building. The tubes branch off at every floor, then every hallway, then every office, mapping their way to your office through a set of deflector solenoids. Just climb in to an empty shuttle, punch in your personal code, and you (almost) instantly shoot up and get deposited at your office. You don’t have to share the elevator with anyone, since they are designed for a single passenger only; therefore you don’t have to wonder who farted. As soon as a shuttle leaves the lobby, another shuttle is immediately staged.
Grogster, Jul 22 2010

Tubular transport for entertainment Throw_20me_20for_20...oop_20(or_20twenty)
As mentioned in an annotation [Vernon, Jul 22 2010]

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       The basic problem with this idea is that it can only accommodate one person in a tube at a time, without special modifications. Such modifications were described in a different Idea here quite a while ago, that was about entertainment, not transportation (linked).
Vernon, Jul 22 2010

       Pretty sure this was baked in Futurama as well.
jaksplat, Jul 22 2010

       Oddly, having just expatriated a mole, I was thinking that a bank system would work extremely well for this purpose. Moles are roughly cylindrical, and have the sort of pelt that would make for an ideal and untroubled passage through the system.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 22 2010

       Tubular [+]
mouseposture, Jul 23 2010

       I don't remember where I saw it on TV, but someone had one of these installed in their home so a handicapped person could reach the second floor. All done by air pressure. Granted it was only vertical and only 1 floor up and not very fast, but still, it has been done.
gryphon327, Jul 23 2010

       For all of those who say this is baked (you beat me to it! Meet George Jetson, his wife, Jane...)   

       You first!   

       I think the cartoon was really bad sci-fi. I admit I watched it / was inspired by it, too.   

       The bank tube transport idea might get your horror tinglies up if you find the video of the guy sucked into a fighter aircraft's intake & how that went. (He survivided)
Zimmy, Jul 23 2010

       The overall idea is about 200 of your Earth years old.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2010


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