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Bathtub Mascerator

Sorta like a garbage disposal for your tub.
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This idea sprang from a nasty bout of food poisoning. I wanted to sleep in the bathtub (a popular notion on HB, so it seems), but I was afraid that the rather hearty consistancy of my effluvia would have caused clogging. The Tub-Cerator is a device very similar to your standard garbage disposal, only with higher amperage, anti-corrosive coatings, and automatic sensors that turn it on when it encounters organic solids. It is installed beneath the drain of the average home bathtub, so that if so inclined, one can sleep in the tub and casually evacuate as necessary, without the fear of clogging. I would have found this most useful, as the standard bed/toilet combination does not provide the degree of flexibility and comfort that passing out in the bathtub does. This would also be useful in households where hirsute shower users tend to clog the drain as they shed.
tourist, Oct 12 2005

you could use the beta-plumbing as long as you wash the tub out afterwards beta-plumbing_20for_20kinky_20bathing
[po, Oct 12 2005]

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       Now, I would assume that you are wanting to evacuate while lying in an otherwise empty tub, as simultaneous bathing and evacuating would indubitably result in shit soup. But, if you are sleeping in a dry bath won't your shit just, well, sit there, getting all clogged and stinking around your nether regions? Perhaps you would want to incorporate a small running water mechanism, to sweep your stools into the whirring maw of the plughole.
calum, Oct 12 2005

       Maybe this appeals to parents of children who aren't potty trained. Much better than fishing it out.
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       in fact on thinking about it, this is redundant with linky.
po, Oct 12 2005


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