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A treadmill bed and reverse rotating blanket belt rolls the occupant over while he sleeps.
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The bedsheet and the blanket belts travel in opposing directions and roll the occupant as he sleeps. The Bedmill is ideal for sleepers who cant get comfortable and tend to change position a lot when they sleep. When sleeping in the bedmill the sleeper is constantly changing position and become resigned to that fact. The sleepers must hold their pillow as they sleep or else it will likely be separated from them.
rcarty, Aug 01 2014


       A slow moving version would help with hospice care, wherein bedridden patients unable to move on their own must be rotated on a frequent basis to prevent infections and bed sores.
Voice, Aug 01 2014

       (+) I posted something similar, but as a conveyor to adjust for patients sliding down inclined beds... add a little diamagnetism and we've got an x y z axis bed.   

       Can we get it trainable and programmable? Can I ask it to monitor my rolling patterns for a week and decide on time frames and degrees of approach? (+)
normzone, Aug 01 2014


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