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Bicycle Skates

Add upper-body strength to your daily skating routine without goring passing bikers with your ski poles
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We start with a fairly typical pair of roller blades. The wheels fit comfortably into grooves on the interior of two 600 mm diameter hoops (essentially tires with no axles) that flank you on either side. In either hand you hold a comfortable hand grip, that clips onto the top of these hoops. These hand grips travel freely around the hoops, but are ratcheted, so on a forward pull, they turn the wheel along with them; on the back pull, they slide freely. With practive, you can use both your leg and arm muscles to propel yourself along.
spiraliii, Mar 07 2007

poor illustrations http://usera.imagec...ergisz/skating_man/
I was in an illustrating mood. [xaviergisz, Mar 22 2007]

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       So, except for the dwarfishly diminuitive size of the hoops, this is essentially the "Propel Yourself On Skates With Hand-Held Hula Hoops" idea? If so, I like the idea that the hoops now have another exercise use in addition to hula-ing, arm circles, hoop stretches, and hoop skipping.
jurist, Mar 07 2007

       //So, except for the dwarfishly diminuitive size of the hoops, this is essentially the "Propel Yourself On Skates With Hand-Held Hula Hoops" idea?//   

       Yes. Has such already been posted? The hoops are not meant to be too small. Diameter should be slightly larger than the distance of one's hands to the ground.
spiraliii, Mar 07 2007

       600 mm is only about 24 inches, right? I'm only a bit over 6 feet tall and a hoop would have to be over 30 inches in diameter to fit comfortably in my grip, and even then I'd have to bend over a bit to make it effective. 34-36 inches (850-900mm) would be about right for most adult males, I'd guess, but you're going to need a variety of sizes to cater to various markets and age groups.
jurist, Mar 07 2007

       And, if it has been previously posted, I'm unaware of it. However, I wouldn't have compared it to "Bicycle Skates". Since they aren't poles or bicycle wheels or skates, I would have called the invention "Skating Hoops".
jurist, Mar 07 2007

       This kind of reminds me of a wheelchair without the chair.
BJS, Mar 07 2007

       It's completely loopy. I like it. +   

       [belatedly notices inadvertent pun - oops]
moomintroll, Mar 08 2007

       So the hoops have to be big enough to go over your shoulders? That would be murder on your back; trying to push forward from above your shoulders.
theleopard, Mar 08 2007

       Could be heavy with all those ball bearings. The main advantage I see is the fact that it's puncture proof!
esperance, Mar 08 2007

       //So the hoops have to be big enough to go over your shoulders?//   

       No, they are supposed to be just below your arms, as [BJS] described: like a wheelchair without the chair.   

       //Could be heavy with all those ball bearings.//   

       I thought the ball bearings or wheels would only need to go on the bottom of the skates and not all of the way around the hoop wheels.
spiraliii, Mar 08 2007


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