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Blank paper

(stupid office gag)
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It looks like a regular package of 500 sheets of white paper, but inside, each sheet is stamped "this page is intentionally blank".
phundug, Dec 01 2004

Zen Copier Zen_20copier
This product approved for use in the Zen Copier [hippo, Dec 02 2004]

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       Could it be treated so that when it is run through a printer irrelevant text would appear?
normzone, Dec 01 2004

       This look intentionally left blank.   

       Actually, what with it being the Season of Giving and all, maybe you could set up a donation program where people can send you pages that have been intentionally left blank. You could bind them and sell them as a very, very geeky notepad.
jutta, Dec 02 2004

energy guy, Dec 02 2004


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