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Aids the procurement of non-boilers
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Located in pubs in central Scotland with a field trial in Cumbernauld. Facial Information is extracted from every female in the venue and given a 'boiler rating' at to how attractive she is. This measurement is based on a regression analysis from data on what makes women non-hideous (Nature, 1996). This information is translated onto a large screen on a wall, with 'boilertherms' joining birds of equal ghastliness. Useful for spotting HOUND COLD FRONTS coming in the door, or 'hen nights' ('shower party' in the USA). A HOUND FORECAST can be given for different pubs based on historical data.

A jasper filter should be feasible, wherein women who appear butch can be given a MELON FARMER RATING.

We could have a WAP server for pooling roaster data from venues in the town / city in question, so one can choose the venue with the lowest MONSTER QUOTIENT.

iain2, Feb 09 2001

The unisex version... http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Uglatron
A similar idea but based on personal preferences. [DrBob, Feb 09 2001]


       Gee...I am sure all the women will flock to that bar.
blahginger, Feb 09 2001

       Cumber-NAULD is a new town next to Glasgow, Scotland where Irn Bru and rolls and sausage are consumed like malted milks are in your neck of the woods.
iain2, Feb 09 2001


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