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Bone Conducting magnetic inducting headphones!

Sounds so complicated, yet its so simple!
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I hav posted a few messages on here before to get an idea of what you guys think of my past ideas so here it goes again. I am a product design student and am currently in the process of designing some wireless headphones. What I have come up with is an ear piece that contains a bone conducting speaker to handle the bass (which sends vibrations through the skull straight into the brain for perfect, pure sound) and a normal in ear plug to output the treble. The bone conductor sits on the temple an presses against the head, while connected to the same earpiece the in ear plug sits gently in the ear. This way the user gets a complete listening experience and can actually feel the music, not just listen to it. Secondly, to send the music from the music player to the ear piece wirelessly I intend to use the theory of magnetic induction. The music player will have a 'plug in' transmitter that creates a magnetic field around the user with a range of 2-4 meters and the headset picks up the sound from the "magnetic bubble" that is created. This is so much more efficient than other wireless alternatives like bluetooth or the use of radio waves due to its low power usage and is much easier to use and cheaper aswel. So wotdya all think? Any questions feel free to ask, I hope ive explained it well enough! Cheers
davewillo, Mar 08 2004

Hearing by Bone Conduction http://www2.lib.cha...tenfeldtStefan.html
[half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

"Sound Bites", Hasbro's Recordable Lollypops http://www.hasbro.c...instruct/16-100.PDF
Bite this candy to play sounds through your remaining teeth. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

This company makes a hands free using Magnetic Induction http://www.fonegear.com/
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

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       This sounds like the beginning of an Outer Limits episode. Or Pinkwater's _Fat Men From Space" in which a boy's attachment of his braces to a cyclone fence to act as an antenna produces unexpected results. It is halfbaked, yep yep. So a bun from me. But this bun is a little stale - you will want peanut butter.
bungston, Mar 08 2004

       Induction-powered headphones are baked, as are bone-conducting ones. I wouldn't be surprised if the combination is too.
TerranFury, Mar 08 2004

       [davewillo] I like this in that you are splitting the bass out for conduction, while delivering the treble via normal air.   

       Have you considered the possibility of crosstalk with two headsets in range - e.g. two mobile phone handsfree sets in close proximity? Can the magnetic induction be secure? What is the energy of the magnetic force, as there has been some new work on effects of certain magnetic energies on brain cells - in that damage is even possible from the magnets in headphones...   

       p.s. Have you considered adding noise- cancellation also?
timbeau, Mar 08 2004

       Seems to me you have the right idea [davewillo], so good luck to you on your project.
dpsyplc, Mar 08 2004

       So, if I turn the bass up high, I turn my brain to jelly?
DrCurry, Mar 08 2004

       timbeau has a good point about security. I guess you'd want to transmit not the analog waveform (easy; we could probably do it with $15, a few trips to Radioshack, and some time in our basements), but some encoding thereof, to be decoded by a microprocessor in the earphones (not nearly as easy).
TerranFury, Mar 08 2004


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