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A throwing star that comes back to you.
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Smaller than a boomerang by two thirds or one third larger than a normal throwing star. Carbon fiber body with steel tips in the shape of a three or four pointed boomerang.

Throw your new star around corners or duck when it comes back to you to take out the unsuspecting foe behind you thinking that you are unsuspecting of him.

sartep, May 11 2004


       Ouch. Like towing a car off a cliff. There are some things that you don't NEED coming back
Letsbuildafort, May 11 2004

       One use only, eh?
k_sra, May 11 2004

       What if it comes back a second time, hitting you in the back?
phundug, May 11 2004

       If you love something, set it free...   


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