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Bouncy Trenches

For children of every age
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Bouncy castles are a well known phenomenon.

Time for an update ...

BorgCo are now offering inflatable trench systems in a variety of sizes.

Simply roll out the pack on a suitable flat, firm, level surface, attach the blower, and power on. In minutes, you'll have an entire section of WW1 trench system (Choose from Adult or Child depth) in a fetching mud, blood, singed grass, mud, more mud and rotting corpses theme, providing two opposing trench lines complete with dugouts, traverses, sandbagged parapets, and (elastic) barbed wire on inflatable pickets out in no-man's-land.

Individual units can be joined together to create larger battlefields.

Comes with a pack containing plastic helmets, water-squirting rifles, water-bomb grenades, battery powered squeaking rats, and some tear gas sprays labelled "MUSTARD GAS"

8th of 7, Feb 03 2017


       Ketchup gas
popbottle, Feb 03 2017

       I was surprised to find Goodbye to All That is not available online. I wanted to excerpt the piece where his servant is punished by being tied spread-eagled to a great wheel. Some of those wheels might be good decoration for this endeavor.   

       Considering additional theme touches, I did find this other excerpt: / Hundreds of field mice and frogs were in the trench. They had fallen in and had no way out. The light dazzled them and we could not help treading on them. So I put the torch back in my pocket./
bungston, Feb 04 2017

       // punished by being tied spread-eagled to a great wheel. //   

       In King's Regulations, that was an option for Field Punishment No.1.   

       Rubber mice and frogs that could be filled with ketchup in one compartment (as a blood simulant) and chipsticks in another (for the crunch of tiny bones) are a really good idea.
8th of 7, Feb 04 2017

       //blood simulant// [8th], what on Earth has got into you these days?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2017


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