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Breathable Passport

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So you don't sweat when you carry it around in those body-fitting travel belts, most of which are already breathable these days.
kinemojo, Dec 13 2006

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       Passports have a big surface area, pens don't. More importantly, a passport is the only large object you are forced to carry on top of your skin, if you don't want to risk it being stolen. Carrying a passport on your belly gets really uncomfortable on a long flight. I always develop a sweaty patch where my passport is. Even if it's in my trouser pockets. That's why I had this idea.
kinemojo, Dec 13 2006

       right - and why have you deleted my annotation? That is considered incredibly bad form here, do not do it. I'm fully entitled to criticise this idea.   

       Your annotation would also make more sense with my original above it.   

       How will it be breathable?
jonthegeologist, Dec 13 2006

       Perhaps it could have a small fan to pump air around it, or a copper heat-sink behind it. Or a copper heat-sink and a fan! Plus batteries, of course, and a fire and water proof casing. Or perhaps all that, and the heat-sink glues to your skin, making an "epidermal security container" with a combination lock.
ldischler, Dec 13 2006

       And how will you make it breathable? Print it on paper towels, or drill holes all the way through it? It's either going to get thicker or wider, no matter what you do. And sweat will wick up into the thing. Unless you have a suggestion for making it happen, this is just a wish, and gets a fishbone from me.   

       (I put a handkerchief behind my passport when I had it in a belt, then gave up on the belt entirely and kept the passport in my carry-on bag. I also made a color photocopy of the photo page of my passport, which I laminated and carried on a string around my neck.)
baconbrain, Dec 13 2006

       kinemojo, your anno is approximately 3 times longer than your actual idea...but whatever right.
shinobi, Dec 14 2006

       That was a response.   

       jonthegeologist: I didn't delete your annotation. You must have done it yourself by mistake.
kinemojo, Dec 15 2006

       // body-fitting travel belts // fanny pack?   

       // most of which are already // GAY // these days. //
MoreCowbell, Dec 15 2006

       If it actually was a pen, as in pendrive, carrying the necessary information, it would be less sweaty but more easier to lose. How about attaching it to a body piercing of some kind and giving it an RFID tag? It would have to be optional and only available where such technology was, but it could then be read by machine as one went through a gate, breathable and hard to steal.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2006

       Barcode tattoos for the identification and tracking of all!
Helixthecat, Dec 16 2006

       //right - and why have you deleted my annotation? That is considered incredibly bad form here, do not do it. I'm fully entitled to criticise this idea.//   

       Jonthegeologist, as much as I agree with you, the idea poster reserves the right to delete at will.   

       As far as the idea, cover your passport with deodorant and stick it in your armpit.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 16 2006

       [kinemojo] I wrote a criticism of your idea, the first annotation right at the top of this list of comments.   

       I did not delete it. Why would I? It was either you or me [or another moderator].   

       [chefboyrbored] You are right, the ability to delete annotations is kept with the writer of the idea or the writer of the comment. However, it *is* bad form to delete a annotation when, clearly, the reason for doing so was to remove criticism.   

       If you can't stand the criticism, don't post bad ideas or at least write them better.
jonthegeologist, Dec 16 2006

       Jonthegeologist, now I double agree with you. And it's Chefboyrbored, not Chefboyred. Slight difference.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 16 2006

       edited, sorry. thanks.
jonthegeologist, Dec 16 2006

       I'd say an annotation but then I would.   

po, Dec 16 2006

       If you ground up your passport into fine powder, you could inhale it like snuff - that would be a Breathable Passport then. S'nuff said !
xenzag, Dec 16 2006


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