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Broomstick Parasailing

Sit on a broomstick on the end of a pole supported by a parsail.
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Parasailing is the only method of personal flight safe enough for average kids, but how do you sell personal flight to geeky Potterheads?

Simple, hang a broomstick underneath the parasail! By placing the broomstick on the end of a counterbalanced pole, the illusion of wizard flight is unfettered by the support lines. This pole features weathercocking fins at the rear to ensure the broomstick stays pointed forward.

For extra fun, the winchboat can have a pneumatic ping pong ball gun. Paint the ping pong balls gold and the kids will go nuts trying to pluck them out of the air.

IJK, Mar 27 2007


       It's just so depressing knowing that something like this may well be financially viable. so very depressing.
Custardguts, Mar 28 2007


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