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Bungee Condiments

here's one that Sheila made earlier
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Sauce bottles, and other vital additions to a good spread of food, can clutter up a busy table at meal time, but with Bungee Condiments this is no longer a problem.

You simply attach the rotating frame to the ceiling directly above the table. The adjustable bungees hang like suspenders from a garter belt, each one terminating in a gripping clamp, which holds the condiment bottle in place. This can be either upside down, ready to have its contents squeezed out, or with a swivel apparatus, to keep the container upright.

The frame is motorised so that it slowly rotates, but stops the instant that one of its hanging bottles is pulled down.

Now when you want some sauce, you just reach up, and pull down the appropriate sauce towards your plate. As a bonus, the bouncing bottles ensure that their contents never "settle"

xenzag, Nov 25 2009

http://www.indiamar...pring-balancer.html [outloud, Nov 25 2009]

Blitz Barbeque Blitz_20Barbeque
Awesome [8th of 7, Nov 27 2009]


       I like it! Very similar to how auto mechanics at the oil change facility have an array of fluids and compressed air within arms reach.
Jscotty, Nov 25 2009

       (marked-for-deletion) a stupid idea I no longer like.
xenzag, Nov 25 2009

       If that is not on the official list of reasons-to-m-f-d then it must be added pronto.
pocmloc, Nov 25 2009

       Light duty versions of "spring balancers" would be an improvement on bungees. Manufactured for industrial ergonomic use. Less resistance to the user while hovering container over the meal, and dampened retraction is less likely to promote ceiling decorations with said condiment following each release (a real bonus where alcohol may be served). -link-
outloud, Nov 25 2009

       ...just noticed one of those unintentionally funny, made in India/China mis-translations. Look at the text accompanying the image under "industrial spring balancers".   

       The fifth bullet highlights the... "Convalescent snap type clip"   

       Would that be a "convenient" clip, or meant to indicate some retirement home application for these things?
outloud, Nov 25 2009

       Should call this the "lazy xenzag".
Custardguts, Nov 25 2009

       It's true. It's a lazy idea and it will be gone by tomorrow.
xenzag, Nov 25 2009

       This is a good idea.
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 25 2009

       This would also be a splendid addition to the props in any future Jackie Chan restaurant fight scene.
outloud, Nov 26 2009

       Grrrr... now it has to stay and I don't like it anymore.
xenzag, Nov 26 2009

       We have saved this in our archives and if you delete it we will re-post it.   

       Because we like this idea a LOT. Especially if it could be combined with a multi-bladed paddle fan (speed limited) and an RF remote control .   

       We are going to try and Bake this.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2009

       hang it low enough and you can put lights on the underside, like those low-hanging lights for pool tables.
FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2009

       //It's true. It's a lazy idea and it will be gone by tomorrow.//   

       Nono, you misundertand me my good fellow. I like this idea, my anno was a naming suggestion. The contraption is kind of like a lazy suzan, but upside down.   

       A lazy nazus perhaps?
Custardguts, Nov 26 2009

       Surely a lazy uesns then?
pocmloc, Nov 27 2009

       [xenzag], to save me posting this idea for real, but in order to get it out of my system, do you mind if I park it here?   

       Budgie Condiments (+99, -1)
Grind (no not budgies!!) sunflower seeds and make sauce from them.

       Poor Budgies have to eat dry unpalatable foods, make sauces for them to add to their seeds and make them happier.
zen_tom, Nov 27 2009

       Ha - excellent....love the name.
xenzag, Nov 27 2009

       sweet, but you should make it bigger and put ninjas on it. such a mobile is sure to put any baby to sleep, as well as take care of any of your evil nemesises (nemesi?)
neo_, Nov 27 2009

       I think that an upside-down version of this would be quite handy also. Particularly for accessing the last few splats of sauce from your sauce bottle (this is a theme that I seem to be obsessing on at the moment). Use a handcrank and ratchet (in a sort of medieval crossbow stylee) to wind the sauce bottle into position and then release to fire the bottle down towards your meal. The bungees arrest the downward progress of the bottle at an appropriate height (about four feet above the table surface should provide for a good dispersion pattern, I feel) leaving the saucey contents to travel elegantly downward towards your meal whilst the bottle recoils back towards the ceiling.
DrBob, Nov 27 2009

       Did any one else have one of those light fixtures over their dining room table, in the 60's, that was on a cord that made it so you could lower and raise it? Well we did.   

       Your condiments would be a handy attachment to this. Just have them attached to the rim of the light fixture, and when the light is lowered for the meal, the condiments would be within reach so one could grasp them and pull down on their cord. Then with a little gentle pressure, up, up and away.   

       Perfect for big ketchuppy meals. +
blissmiss, Nov 27 2009

       +++ I love it +++please don't delete or I will have to put a bungee on it to bring it back!!
xandram, Nov 27 2009

       I must be going mad, I'm reading a HB idea thinking "you know, this could really work, it really really could".
Germanicus, Nov 27 2009



       Yes, it does work, and it's genuinely useful. A mixture of springy keychains and those key belt reels allow condimentation apparatus (salt, pepper, brown sauce, ketchup, mayo, vinegar etc.) to be effectively suspended from a paddle fan.   

       We declare this idea Baked, and much more successful than the infamous "Blitz Barbeque" (q.v.) <link>
8th of 7, Nov 27 2009

       No, it's more about space saving.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2009

       ... only if you don't replace the lids.
xenzag, Nov 28 2009

       //WE'LL CRUSH YOU ALL ! //   

       ... not if your bungee's too short.
pertinax, Dec 01 2009


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