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Form QN-1432/1S-1-001 : Application for a new island nation.
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First, learn to communicate with the bureaucrats. Then, encourage them to move to the new island of Bureaucracia. Here, they can run amok with their forms and paperwork, and no-one can bother them with practicalities. They will exist in peaceful utpoia - governed and run by their own kind.

Notes :
1) This will have to be set up by non-bureaucrats. Otherwise it will never get done.
2) I am not advocating using force to remove them, or any kind of prison island. They would (hopefully) gleefully relocate there of their own accord. This island can interact with other nations like any other.

Detly, Sep 24 2003


       The bureaucrats have been trying to tell us to get off their planet for decades now.
methinksnot, May 11 2006

       Wouldn't there be a risk of them then exporting a new generation of even more bureaucratic bureaucrats a short while later?
RobertKidney, May 11 2006


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