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Bus Stop Meditation Kiosks

.... that don't work
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This is the never not interactive principle applied to the real world of public transportation. These stand alone kiosks, made by a network of organizations that bring together tech world and people with disabilities and developing nations from refurbished older tech, will... not work, but they will do so in a productive way. Linked in the the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, the last layer of Federal government, these dysfunctional kiosks will win their way into your hearts by setting up impossible self-referential, bureaucratic conundrums in software, including login password authentication loops with lots of freezing and rebooting, all automatic, and a biofeedback loop that continually improves its ability to cognitively assist the user.

Frustrated bus passengers everywhere can be using all of that great anxiety producing bus waiting time to be uploading their souls to the universe. And contributing to an equality minded AI morality experiment.

JesusHChrist, Nov 22 2016

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       a. Put Kiosks on the bus as well. Robot or doll demonstrators to show passengers how to meditate.   

       b. Perhaps a trolley made of just the engine and 25 rolling Kiosks chained together. Some with the tops sawed off to allow sun bathing.   

       c. Large drooping umbrellas for the rural areas where the cost of a real Kiosk can't be justified.   

       d. A sign "need a computer take a computer etc. Have a computer leave a computer etc." So the thing will grow older and weirder every day.
popbottle, Nov 22 2016

       I like "need a computer take a computer"   

       also Costco has mini sheds at about $999 delivered. If they came out with a bus shelter version it might be very popular.
beanangel, Nov 22 2016

       Only if they were placed on bus routes.
8th of 7, Nov 22 2016

       //Costco has mini sheds at about $999// This point has been pointed out by you before, I believe. [beany] baby, are you - in real life - the Head of Mini Shed Sales for Costco?   

       //Only if they were placed on bus routes.// I don't think they'd stand up to the impact.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2016


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