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CAD material translator

CAD software modifies part geometry to be the same strength and connectivity when the material or alloy is changed
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CAD software that when you change the material, automatically keeps all the contact points at the same mechanical strength as well as connectivity, then slims or bulks the other areas of the part to maintain mechanical strength. Basically the CAD program translates a part into a new alloy or metal while keeping it fully functional.

This is a convert everything from ferrous to titanium, more easily, software idea.

(This might exist, I just do not know the name)

beanangel, Nov 09 2016

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       This would be like recalculating a recipe for a pork pie using apple instead, then saying they're equivalent because they're both pies.   

       Gibberish [-]
8th of 7, Nov 09 2016

       I don't think the Idea is gibberish, but I do think [beanangel] missed an important factor. Consider replacing a steel part with a same-strength aluminum part. The aluminum part must be rather bulkier than the steel part, since an equal-volume aluminum part would be inherently weaker than the steel part. What if the overall mechanism cannot FIT the bulkier part? That's what has been overlooked.
Vernon, Nov 10 2016

       [vernon] I think you are right, when I wrote up the idea I should have mentioned this was an everything ferrous to titanium software idea. That way almost everything could fit.
beanangel, Nov 10 2016

       brah, I think SolidWorks and other such programs have similar features already
EdwinBakery, Nov 10 2016


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