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Candy Button Player Piano

"Sugar, sugar..."
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The Candy Button Player Piano is a miniature piano with a slot in the back. The slot is just big enough to accept long rolls of candy buttons (the kind that come attached to strips of paper), and the arrangement of buttons on the paper determines a melody that is played on the piano. So if you want a certain song to be played, all you have to do is pull some candy off and feed the strip through the piano. Or just eat it.
DrWorm, Jul 27 2010

chocolate gramophone http://www.edisonti...com/stollwercks.htm
[pocmloc, Jul 28 2010]


       If I'm really hungry, that song's going to be missing some notes.
Cedar Park, Jul 27 2010

       this idea is awesome but I think it should dispense the candy strips via pull tab and play music as the strip leaves the piano. I'm not sure how you could deal with the fact that a tune needs more notes than a child should be eating at once. Perhaps only the first few notes? And make sure the notes are in actual musical notation so it can be billed as an educational toy
Voice, Jul 27 2010

       The problem with actual musical notation is that you'd need to have 9 pieces of candy in each row, for the spaces and bars of the staff. Now *that*'s a whole lot of candy!
DrWorm, Jul 27 2010

       {voice}"I'm not sure how you could deal with the fact that a tune needs more notes than a child should be eating at once" it's even worse than that, because according to the description, the notes that AREN'T needed for the song would need pulling off, and there would be more of them! this idea is closer to a music box. a real player piano works by blowing air through holes, like a harmonica, but all at once, and the tone only comes out where the holes are. how about a player piano that uses perforated fruit roll-ups?
-wess, Jul 27 2010

       single use candy records for a record player?
Voice, Jul 27 2010

       //single use candy records for a record player?// working toy gramophones with chocolate discs were commercially produced 100 years ago <link>
pocmloc, Jul 28 2010

       That's a nice piece of research, [pocmloc].
normzone, Jul 28 2010

       [pocmloc] wow, that is interesting, those little things were quite ornate too. air conditioning wasn't around much, if at all. those records must of really melted in summer.
-wess, Jul 28 2010

       What [normzone] said.
I'll be dipped.


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