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Car Fondue

Tasty Fondue from the heat of your engine or power of the sun cooked dashboard.
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Fondue - pronounced [fahn-DOO] The word fondue is derived from the French word "fondre" which means "melt".

Use the heat from the sun in the summer to melt you favorite fondue right on your dashboard in a nifty dashboard fondue pot.

In the winter use the heat from your engine to make a tasty cheezie or chocolatie snack.

Everone love fondue so now we can have it to go... Plus that lovely fresh fondue smell in your car...

(I know don't eat and drive but, the passengers sure can enjoy)

forgeman, Mar 07 2005

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       My brother-in-law used to heat his lunch on the steel dash of his old International Travelall. Being in the desert, this worked serviceably for him most of the year (until I gave him a microwave oven that I no longer needed).   

       There are plenty of "cooking with engine heat" cookbooks out there. Dunno if any have fondue preparation instructions though.   

       Can I get a little vessel built in to the exhaust manifold so I can make french fries on the go?
half, Mar 07 2005

       If you convert to biodiesel, you can dump the leftover oil into your fuel tank.
Worldgineer, Mar 07 2005

       French fries on the go. Sounds great. Is this before or after the quadruple bypass?
mensmaximus, Mar 07 2005

       Life's too short to be concerned about things like that.
half, Mar 07 2005

       I pronounce it Phon doo.
po, Mar 07 2005

       I'm a bit lost. Which exit do I take once I get to the quadruple bypass? (munching on fresh fries dipped in melted cheese)
Worldgineer, Mar 07 2005

       what a fibber - no, not so posh -Fon dooo   

       ooooh, a blacksmith - I'm a sucker for a manual woiker
po, Mar 07 2005

       Yeah, I looked at his site some time back. Cool stuff.   

       (Oopsie, I prolly shoulda told World that isn't vegetable shortening)
half, Mar 07 2005

       Hey! My tank says "vegetarian fuel only".
Worldgineer, Mar 07 2005

       what are you talking about?   

       still trying to put a tablet into a cat and you?
po, Mar 07 2005

       <checks mailbox for packet>
half, Mar 07 2005

       it aint edible, half!
po, Mar 07 2005


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